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March 14, 2017

Lindstrand Jetstream Burner: Service Bulletin SB23, Revision 2. Following on from the issue of Cameron Service Bulletin SB23, and the results of the report on wear to the affected parts, EASA have deemed it a textbook “potential for an unsafe condition” and an EASA Airworthiness Directive may possibly follow. Cameron SB23 Revision 2 is split […]

Keeping your Hippy Hop Tippity Top – Lindstrand hopper burners

Having inspected and maintained Lindstrand hoppers ever since they first came out in the mid-90s it is actually not really surprising that we reckon we may have come across most of their foibles, not that they have many, and how a few minutes devoted to them, now’n again, will keep them in tippity top condition. […]

Inspectoring Newsy 22.01.16. Lindstrand burners

Cameron SB23 Lindstrand valve stem modification – Updated 04.03.18. Please note that this SB has gone to SB23 Rev 2 part of which is a Highly Recommended annual/100hr strip and inspection of the affected parts. If this ever becomes an EASA Airworthiness Directive it will make replacing the stems preferable to the cost of an […]

Responding to the EASA NPA on Part ML – Closes 9th Oct 2015

This is pretty much the last chance to change, amend or clarify EASA’s proposals to simplify the lot of the General Aviation pilot and their aircraft. There is a myriad of abbreviations that no-one outside the game has a clue what they mean but the bottom line is that not only would it be nice […]

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