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Updated 17.07.2023

Easy Balloons

A very warm welcome to Easy Balloons. We are primarily a CAA  Continuing Airworthiness Organisation (CAO). We aim to make all aspects of Continued Airworthiness for both Commercial and Private Balloonists alike, simpler, a bit more affordable and enjoyable. Here you will find the normal business stuff, a rake of Airworthiness Information that all balloonists are free to access along with articles and features about some of the other things we all get up to. The site is designed to be interactive and evolve as we go along so please have a wander round and enjoy. If you want to contact us please feel free. We are here to help. You will also find information about Wendover Trailers and the Balloon Repair Station in whose premises we are based.

Easy Balloons and the Private Balloonist

At Easy Balloons we want to make life simpler and easier for all balloonists, wherever they are. To this end we have come up with a cunning plan. We can’t beat the regulations but we can try and make it as Easy as possible, especially if you are only interested in flying your balloon and the paperwork does nothing but confuse! If you are a private balloonist, or fly a balloon that does not need to be in a CAO (Continued Airworthiness Organisation), for a single fee we aim to provide a service where you come along with your balloon and a box of paperwork, we sort it all out for you, binning the unnecessary and updating the out-of-date, carry out an inspection, mend any broken bits, issue you with the required paperwork and you go away to enjoy your ballooning until we see you the following year. Easy.

There are a few things that you need to realise before you go down the route of not being in a CAO but don’t worry it is surprisingly the same as it used to be before EASA confused things! You’ll find all that information, along with the inevitable terms and conditions, and (of course) the cost, in the Non-CAO Section of Services.

Easy Balloons and the AOC Holder

For the embattled Declared Balloon Operator (DBO) holder we want to make sure their life is also as Easy as possible. We appreciate that they have no choice but to sign up with a CAO. That being the case we want to make it as simple and straightforward as possible and provide all the support you need at very competitive rates. As a CAA certified CAO, Easy Balloons can provide DBO Holders with just that.

For our terms and conditions and simple pricing structure please visit the Easy Balloons DBO section in the Services bit.

Easy Balloons Facilities

Repairs and maintenance is normally carried out in our workshop. Here you will find a warm welcome, Easy parking, a forklift to assist with unloading and tea and coffee. If you are waiting then we have a comfy sofa and free Interweb connection. If it is going to be a longer job then we have some lovely countryside to wander around in and plenty of touristy places to visit locally.

Inspections normally take place just down the road in the field adjacent to The Black Horse in Great Missenden which does a fine lunch if required!

Repairs and Maintenance

We provide a very comprehensive repair and maintenance service in our fully equipped workshops. We carry a very large stock of parts and materials so can usually carry out smaller repairs while you wait or on the same day as your inspection. We are often able to loan equipment when repairs are protracted.

If the damage or repair is on the larger side we are happy to prepare a quote and undertake insurance work.

We are approved to carry out 10 year Flight Cylinder Proof Pressure Testing which, by arrangement can be while you wait.

Having had far too many years of experience within the world of commercial ballooning we also design and build equipment for one off special projects or events.

If, after all that, you want to go for a flight sadly HS2 have destroyed out launch field but you could trot off down to the Black Horse.

With a bit of luck all that information should be in Other Stuff in the Services bit as well!

Our Inspectors and Inspections

We realise that not everybody flies south of Watford Gap so we do have a number of Easy Balloons Approved Inspectors in various parts of the country and abroad who are able to carry out the required work on our behalf. A list of Approved Inspectors can also be found in the Services section.

If you are a multi-balloon Ride Operator, Club or a group of local balloonists we can, by arrangement, come to you. Please enquire for full details and, of course, it will always be ‘weather dependent!’

Easy Balloons and existing DBOs

Although we primarily operate under our own Maintenance Organisation (CAO), all of us including our inspectors in the field are happy to repair and inspect any balloon operating under any other CAO.