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Welcome 22.12.2019(Comments Off on Welcome 22.12.2019)

December 22, 2019

Here we are back again after a longer break which was neither expected nor planned. As reported back in April, our Pete fell out of a tree breaking his back in the process. That is still giving him jip but continues to heal slowly. As a result of the fall he had a full on body scan, especially to his head. What transpired was that they found a disturbing rather large shadow on his brain. A further scan and tests revealed a very large tumour which was deemed to have very aggressive tendencies, so much so that further tests were not needed. The news came as a huge shock to everyone as he had showed no signs of having it, which did puzzle the doctors somewhat. It is something we really didn’t want to hear. The upshot was very simple. [more …]

Welcome 08.04.19

Well now, two Welcomes in as many weeks! Thing is I was hoping to have had the news and an article or two out before we went gallivanting in Spain but clearly that didn’t happen, so apologies. Since our return from sunny, raining cloudy, exhausting Spain rather a lot has occurred not least our Pete falling twenty foot out of a tree. Fortunately for Pete he landed on his ropeman Tom who now looks like he has been in a car crash. Fortunately, but to be expected, they were both a hundred percent Health and Saftetied up. Had they not been, neither would be able to tell the story. [more …]

Welcome 26.03.19

Ah ha! Big Hello’s but, now then, listen up, we are publishing this bit early for March as we will be too busy celebrating or commiserating about Brexit stuff. Actually its because we are having a bit of a pre-season break. I’m off from 26 March until 2 April to walk in Spain with Stewpot and Godders and then John is off from 4 April until the 9 April getting his chainsaw certificate. Please be aware that we will be closed until 9 April … [more …]

Welcome 02.03.19

Well, what a February. Cracking month but too short. It always seems that it is a week short but of course it isn’t, just isn’t long enough. Now we’re into Hopping Hare Muddy March. The weather has been kind and we have managed to get a fair amount
done including some early morning flying. We did have a crack at midday take off but it was just a tad gusty with the upper wind stationary. Never mind, made up for it by having a great flight across the village the following morning and waving to all those poor people on their way to work stuck in traffic. Great sport that. We even managed to land on our friendly Bierton farmer making it three times in the past month or two. Excellent. The HS2 archaeological mob swept across the back fields digging trenches and finding nothing… [more …]

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