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Welcome 10.06.2020(Comments Off on Welcome 10.06.2020)

June 13, 2020

Welcome indeed and we trust you and yours are keeping well, staying safe and the garden looks grand. All sorts are going on at the moment so apologies for the delay in the appearance of the June edition.

Currently we remain closed and are not planning to carry out any inspections or repairs until July 1st, at the earliest, when we will revue the situation. We realise that a return to balloon flying is now in progress and that solo flying and same-household flights are now permitted. If you choose to take advantage of this and require an inspection please use another inspector plan, your flight thoroughly and take great care. [more …]

Welcome 01.05.2020

Hi and a very warm welcome to you. Thanks for dropping by. Slight rethink on the way we present in the present clime. We will use the Welcome page to let you know exactly what we are at or not. You will find a bit of a repeat in the News but this seems to be where everyone comes first. Thank you. Currently we remain closed and are not planning to carry out any inspections or repairs for the foreseeable. At the moment, apart from the threat of infection and travel restrictions and although we would love to see all our customers again and earn some money, we will not be carrying out any inspections or maintenance until Government and CAA advice allows it.[More …]

Welcome 06.04.2020

Here is hoping all is fine and dandy with you all and that the lock down isn’t driving you insane or more so than normal. We have managed to finish pretty much all the outstanding jobs in the workshop apart from Bishy’s very old & rusty burner and test firing stuff on account we haven’t got any propane left. The Black Horse is closed obviously but that also means there was no electric to the bulk tank so that’s that. What we have left is reserved for the forklift. We have been digging for victory and now have veggie patches and mended greenhouses aplenty. [ more … ]

Welcome 24.03.2020

Seems that what would start as Merry March has become well mad March. Clearly then, things have taken a bit of turn since pen last went to paper and we were all full of hope and happiness for this year. Never mind, could be a lot worse, as they say. I’m a devout 21st March Spring person. Usually we would paint ourselves green and gather in the woods and atop hills and downs and wave sprigs of willow to welcome the change of season. [more …]

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