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Welcome 12.09.2020(Comments Off on Welcome 12.09.2020)

September 14, 2020

A very warm and happy welcome to you wherever you are and whatever adventure you are having. Thank you for dropping by. Been nice to see the occasional balloon floating about and all in all we haven’t heard of any incidents. This edition is intended to be a triffic foray into stuff new. We have gone to working three days a week which means the other two days are quietly uninterrupted and we can get even more done! Outside of working, the workshop lottie has just gone bonkers and many a customer has left with runner beans, courgettes, marrows, toms and pretty much whatever is going mad. John is sick of courgettes. [more…]

Welcome 25.07.2020

Well now, before we realised, its nearly not July but nearly August and although things seem to be improving all is far from well and there is an increasing concern that their will be a bit of a resurgence which is starting to occur elsewhere as the easing of the measures takes place so please continue to take care. Apologies, I did start writing this out first week of July but got waylaid somewhat. Our village has a couple pubs open the rest are leaving it to the end of the month to see how it goes! Our local is unlikely to re-open until September earliest which means Paul the Tallest Man in Wendover can concentrate on his allotment. So, greetings to you all. [more…]

Welcome 10.06.2020

Welcome indeed and we trust you and yours are keeping well, staying safe and the garden looks grand. All sorts are going on at the moment so apologies for the delay in the appearance of the June edition.

Currently we remain closed and are not planning to carry out any inspections or repairs until July 1st, at the earliest, when we will revue the situation. We realise that a return to balloon flying is now in progress and that solo flying and same-household flights are now permitted. If you choose to take advantage of this and require an inspection please use another inspector plan, your flight thoroughly and take great care. [more …]

Welcome 01.05.2020

Hi and a very warm welcome to you. Thanks for dropping by. Slight rethink on the way we present in the present clime. We will use the Welcome page to let you know exactly what we are at or not. You will find a bit of a repeat in the News but this seems to be where everyone comes first. Thank you. Currently we remain closed and are not planning to carry out any inspections or repairs for the foreseeable. At the moment, apart from the threat of infection and travel restrictions and although we would love to see all our customers again and earn some money, we will not be carrying out any inspections or maintenance until Government and CAA advice allows it.[More …]

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