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Welcome 06.04.2020(Comments Off on Welcome 06.04.2020)

April 7, 2020

Here is hoping all is fine and dandy with you all and that the lock down isn’t driving you insane or more so than normal. We have managed to finish pretty much all the outstanding jobs in the workshop apart from Bishy’s very old & rusty burner and test firing stuff on account we haven’t got any propane left. The Black Horse is closed obviously but that also means there was no electric to the bulk tank so that’s that. What we have left is reserved for the forklift. We have been digging for victory and now have veggie patches and mended greenhouses aplenty. [ more … ]

Welcome 24.03.2020

Seems that what would start as Merry March has become well mad March. Clearly then, things have taken a bit of turn since pen last went to paper and we were all full of hope and happiness for this year. Never mind, could be a lot worse, as they say. I’m a devout 21st March Spring person. Usually we would paint ourselves green and gather in the woods and atop hills and downs and wave sprigs of willow to welcome the change of season. [more …]

Welcome 09.02.2020

Belated greetings to 2020. This morning is mainly very windy and a tad different to last week. Despite that snowdrops, crocuses and primroses and out here and bringing joy. Always fancied producing saffron but a tad intensive I fear and not good for the back! A fair few years back I unwittingly landed in The Crocus field at Inkpen. It is an SSSI and is famous for the show of lilac crocuses in March. Fortunately it was January and we’d flown from the Icicle. The local warden of the site was most helpful but asked if we wouldn’t land there again until after flowering and die off had finished. Not a problem we said. [more …]

Welcome 22.12.2019

Here we are back again after a longer break which was neither expected nor planned. As reported back in April, our Pete fell out of a tree breaking his back in the process. That is still giving him jip but continues to heal slowly. As a result of the fall he had a full on body scan, especially to his head. What transpired was that they found a disturbing rather large shadow on his brain. A further scan and tests revealed a very large tumour which was deemed to have very aggressive tendencies, so much so that further tests were not needed. The news came as a huge shock to everyone as he had showed no signs of having it, which did puzzle the doctors somewhat. It is something we really didn’t want to hear. The upshot was very simple. [more …]

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