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News Update 14.03.16

Lindstrand Jetstream Burner: Service Bulletin SB23, Revision 2.
Following on from the issue of Cameron Service Bulletin SB23, and the results of the report on wear to the affected parts, EASA have deemed it a textbook “potential for an unsafe condition” and an EASA Airworthiness Directive may possibly follow. Cameron SB23 Revision 2 is split into two parts both of which remain ‘Highly Recommended’. The first part recommends stripping the assemblies at the Annual/100hr inspection and the second part remains as the recommendation to fit the stem mod kits. EASA are expected to make the first part of the Bulletin ‘Mandatory, which would mean that it would then be Mandatory’ to strip down and inspect the affected assemblies every year. The fitting of the Mod would remain ‘Highly Recommended’. It doesn’t take much to realise that it would be prudent to replace the valve stem assemblies, unless you wish to have them stripped down every year as part of the Annual/100hr inspection, should EASA decide to make it ‘Mandatory’. Lindstrand ‘squeeze action’ main valve assemblies are not affected however all toggle-type ‘whisper’ valves are. Ultramagic burner stems use a similar design and it is likely they too may be required to issue a similar Service Bulletin. As a result of the decision Cameron Balloons advise all owners of Jetstream Burners to have the modification done at their earliest opportunity as the demand on spares may mean a lead time of up to four months to fulfil orders. Please be aware that the Service Bulletin still remains Highly Recommended until further notice. We will update this along with the Airworthiness and Service Bulletin page if it changes.

Cameron Balloons have issued the following statement:

In January 2016 Cameron Balloons released Service Bulletin 23 to address a design deficiency in the Lindstrand Jetstream burner. This bulletin called for an inspection to see if a potential wear issue that could lead to an uncontained leak of liquid propane was a occurring in service. A modification kit was also made available at that time which rectified the original design defect. The inspection results from the initial issue of the bulletin indicate that wear of the Seat Carrier does occur in service; the amount is not well correlated with flight hours and wear could lead to an “unsafe condition”. For this reason we have up-issued SB23 to Revision 2.

Revision 2 contains two parts.
Part 1, which EASA are expected to make Mandatory, calls for inspection of the seat carriers for wear at every 100 hour / annual inspection unless fail-safe valve stems have been fitted.

Part 2, categorised as “Highly Recommended”, proposes fitting of the fail-safe valve stems (mod C650). The purpose of the 2-part approach is to avoid grounding balloons using Jetstream burners should insufficient stocks of the C650 modification kits be available.

Modification kits can be purchased from Cameron Balloons. Note that the modification kits do not include replacement seat carriers, which should be ordered separately if required. Modification kit part numbers, prices and a valve type identification are available on the Cameron Website or by contacting Cameron Balloons. Cameron Balloons apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, but this action is necessary to ensure the long-term safety of the Jetstream burner.

Service Bulletin 23, Revision 2: Frequently Asked Questions:
Qu: Why has this Service Bulletin / Airworthiness Directive been issued?
Ans: We have seen cases of wear which, if not rectified, could cause the valve stem to be ejected allowing a jet of propane to come out of the bottom of the burner. This is what EASA refer to as an “unsafe condition” and a Service Bulletin or Airworthiness Directive is the appropriate way to address it. We have issued SB23 Revision 2 as a Service Bulletin with a classification of “Highly Recommended”. EASA have reviewed this bulletin and consider the contents to be sufficiently significant for them to re-issue it as an Airworthiness Directive (AD) which will make the actions contained in the bulletin mandatory.

Qu: I’ve had my burner for 15 years and nothing has gone wrong so far. Why do I need to spend this money now?
Ans: Inspection results from the initial amendment of this bulletin confirmed wear occurring in service. The wear does not correlate well to flight hours, so regular inspection of the burner until the affected parts are replaced is the only acceptable action.

Qu: Why do you not just mandate replacement of the affected parts?
Ans: As the service bulletin will been made a mandatory AD by EASA it will have a much more rapid take-up than we anticipated. It is likely that there may be a shortage of modification kits. Allowing regular inspection as an alternative to fitting the mod kits will avoid operators from having their balloons grounded while awaiting modification.

Qu: How can I be sure of getting the Modification kits in time for my annual / 100 hour inspection?
Ans: It is likely that there will be shortages of modification kits. Customers requiring modification kits should place their order as soon as possible. Lead times for the supply of modification kits may be as long as 4 months.

Qu: What happens if I choose to ignore it?
Ans: Part 1 of the bulletin will be made a Mandatory AD by EASA. If your balloon has a C of A you will not be able to ignore this bulletin. Even if your balloon does not have, or require, a C of A we strongly recommend that you comply with this bulletin.

Qu: If this is a mistake in the original design, why do I have to pay for the replacement parts?
Ans: The organisation that designed the burner is no longer trading. Cameron Holdings bought the intellectual property and hold the Type Certificate but do not have any liability for past actions.

Qu: Why isn’t the seat carrier included in the Modification Kit?
Ans: The seat carrier is not modified so is not included

Qu: Do I need to change the seat carrier?
Ans: The seat carrier should be changed if worn beyond the 0.2mm limit.

Qu: My Jetstream burner has squeeze action valves, is it affected by SB23?
Ans: The squeeze action main valves are not affected, but the burner is affected because SB23 still applies to the toggle-action liquid fire valves.

Qu: How can I tell if the “fail safe” stems have already been fitted?
Ans: If the “fail safe” stems have been fitted there should be an entry in the balloon logbook and “Mod 650” will be engraved on the manifold block adjacent to the burner serial number. Additionally modified stems have a flat-spot machined onto their top end to allow identification without disassembly of the valve (see the Service bulletin).

Qu: Will SB23 damage may burner in any way?
Ans: It is possible that some slight tool marking or scratching may be caused when unscrewing the valve bodies, especially if the valve body is very tight or has been installed using an adhesive sealant.

Qu: I have a Lindstrand Airship what do I do?
Ans: Cameron Balloons do not hold the Type Certificate for the Lindstrand Airship. You should contact your CAMO (if applicable) or National Aviation Authority.

Qu: I use my Lindstrand Burner with an Ultramagic / Kubicek / LTL Envelope, am I affected?
Ans: Yes the Service Bulletin is applicable to the Jetstream burner regardless of the envelope it is attached to.

Qu: My Balloon is registered and flown in a non-EASA country, am I affected?
Ans: Your national authority will review the EASA AD and will decide what action they will take. Even if your authority does not issue an AD we strongly recommend that you perform the inspections as recommended until mod C650 modification kits are fitted to the affected valves.

Full details are on their website under ‘Support’ please Further details tel 0117 963 7216 and ask for Nick, Craig, Simon, Lindsay or Andy or email

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