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News 09.02.2020(Comments Off on News 09.02.2020)

February 9, 2020

~ Camerons take top slots (except Bishy’s)
~ Sky and Lindstrand amalgamated TCDS shock horror – SB29 issued
~ Interlude – Inkpen Crocus Field
~ Cameron Confusion SB (not mandatory)
~ BBML Inflation Day goes O&R
~ Cameron SB28 Stratus Burner hanger issued 31/12/2020
~ Lindstrand Jetstream Pilot Light Regulator Repairs
~ HS2, Rumour Control and Hartley Farm
~ Balloon Events on the up, up and away
~ Ladies Day Big Hat Special Date tbc
~ Lights out at the Black Horse
~ Short Notice-The Old & Rusty Heathrow ATC Club Meeting
~ Cheery Horsey Christmas
~ Home-builds and equipment
~ Just when you’ve seen it all numero uno
~ Part 66 and the Inspector malarkey
~ While we are here – EASA Pilot Licensing
~ When’s a Championship not a Championship?

News 22.12.2019

~ HS2, Brexit and all that
~ Ross Powell retires – A Huge Thankyou
~ End of an era – Graham Hallett retires as BBAC CTO
~ Falling out of aircraft consultation closes 17 January 2020
~ SIB 2019-16R1- German Halon-free fire extinguishers
~ Here’s a right laugh – CAA consultation on charges open
~ Famous Phil becomes General Aviations’ ‘new champion’.
~ Grassroots refunds
~ Interlude on account of a lot of stuff
~ Instructor Training Days Announced
~ Join the dawn patrol flying in a Spitfire
~ Now that’s a dog friendly pub
~ Timbo Day celebrated
~ More on Freddie Laker
~ John’s Jolly Tips
~ Snafu crew identified
~ Beg your pardon Mrs Arden
~ Just when you reckon you’ve seen it all
~ And finally – Best year ever for funghi

News 04.03.19

~ Sorry, tad late Carruthers
~ BOPPY BAS and boogie book
~ David Barker retires but not quite!
~ New Head of CAA’s General Aviation Unit announced
~ Heads up – The Transatlantic Challenge or Transatlantic Tales Conference.
~ While you’re at it…..
~ Farewell The Oxford Balloon Company
~ Do you really know where you are?
~ Great news from DFDS
~ Old & Rusty balloonist takes to the road – how appropriate
~ Here’s a trailery thing
~ Are you feeling lucky? – Its only the GPS Week Rollover
~ First for us – Ultramagic Mk 32 burner in for inspection
~ Just to be clear Roger – Ballooning Frequency now 122.480kHz
~ Here’s a thing not to miss
~ Cameron burner coil supplier revealed
~ Exploding door syndrome
~ UK Ladies Meet celebrates 10th year – details now out
~ Flying Scholarships launched
~ Then there were this trees…
~ Super duper CAA ATZ Policy Statement issued
~ The Bicester Beech 18

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