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News Update 12.06.2017(Comments Off on News Update 12.06.2017)

June 13, 2017

Cameron Balloons SB 25 Lindstrand Titanium Cylinders Cameron Balloons Limited have issued a Service Bulletin SB25 advising owners of Russian-built titanium cylinders that they should be removed from service. Please be fully aware that this Service Bulletin is ‘Highly Recommended’, not ‘Mandatory’, so the note sent from Cameron Balloons stating ‘This bulletin withdraws the Lindstrand […]

News update 10.04.17

Cameron Manuals – Updates published The following documents have been issued or revised and are available on the Cameron Balloons website. If you are an Inspector then you may have already got this from Mr Graham but, in case you aren’t or haven’t, here we go…… Hot Air Balloon Flight Manual, Issue 10 has gone […]

News 04.04.17

EASA bollix bi-weeklies As some of you have already discovered the EASA bi-weekly site is now apparently only going to open during working hours. This is a brilliant idea that is going to upset a lot of users especially Airbus who have an Airworthiness Directive (AD) issued every ten minutes! Whether this is temporary or […]

News Update 14.03.16

Lindstrand Jetstream Burner: Service Bulletin SB23, Revision 2. Following on from the issue of Cameron Service Bulletin SB23, and the results of the report on wear to the affected parts, EASA have deemed it a textbook “potential for an unsafe condition” and an EASA Airworthiness Directive may possibly follow. Cameron SB23 Revision 2 is split […]

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