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News Update 30.04.18(Comments Off on News Update 30.04.18)

May 1, 2018

CAA Survey on Maintenance Programmes Through Monkeychops, or whatever the company is called, the CAA have sent out a survey form enquiring what type of Maintenance Programme balloons are using. The survey has been sent to individual owners and does not identify the balloon. There are moves afoot to introduce new Maintenance Programmes called ‘Self […]

News Update 15.03.18

New bigger, better Cameron Flight Manual Amendment 16 issued Just in from Dave Boxall is the news that, in a pre-season bonanza, he has raised The Cameron Flight Manual to a dizzy Amendment 16. Speaking on Bedminster FM last night he said that, “Amendment 16 is a first for Cameron Balloons.” adding, “This is the […]

News Update 09.03.18

Lindstrand T30 Titanium cylinders EASA PAD 18-035 issued EASA have, in a surprise move (well, surprised us!), issued a PAD (Proposed Airworthiness Directive) rather than the ‘Cameron promised’ imminent Airworthiness Directive. Now this is interesting as it won’t become an Airworthiness Directive until the, what is now a public, consultation process finishes on 06 April […]

News 04.03.18

~ Aidan Murphy
~ What!!! Cameron TCDS BA.013 goes to Issue 18?
~ BBAC AGM postponed due to weather
~ Unlicensed site owners asked to update details by 7 March
~ Carriage of Defibrillators in aircraft
~ 8.33 Radio Arrival Imminent
~ SkyWise? You do need this.
~ The joy of EASA rulemaking
~ St Helena Christmas flights cancelled
~ Air accident investigation under scrutiny
~ Royal helicopter flight airspace and drones
~ Instructions for Continued Airworthiness NPA opens
~ Zebedee List no 370 – advertising rates reduced
~ Cameron ‘Long Build’ offer announced.
~ Icicle Meet beaten by the weather
~ Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta dates
~ Elusive Lindstrands – Accessorise
~ Duxford announces free admission for kids
~ Midlands Air Festival gaining pace.
~ Here, have a look at this. Films out!
~ Motorbike Technical Literature – Rusty Books
~ More All Fools announced
~ Frightened of flying (in a plane silly)

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