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January 2, 2019

~ Content and readability
~ Turning the Pages bit
~ Cameron Balloons Hose Life – Service Bulletin 27 issued
~ End of an era – Grass Roots Founder retires
~ And another… Folly Dog Leg is no more
~ To the Swan – The Christmas Ride
~ Balls and valves- EASA SIB No 2018-14 issued
~ CAA Survey on Maintenance Programmes and the SDMP
~ The nothing to do with Lindstrands Meet – well maybe a little bit
~ Air Navigation Order 2016 updated
~ David Liddiard Obituary – Pete Bish
~ UK AOC renewals reviewed
~ Interval – Just Back
~ Best bogwash notes from EASA 2018
~ It’s Metz year again
~ Government support for airfields announced
~ Access to Government Aerodromes Aeronautical Information
~ Lost your personal logbook? – New procedures
~ Sagrantino Cup dates confirmed
~ Third time lucky? – BBAC Annual General Meeting No 54c
~ Cameron update boogie news
~ Don’t drink and fly – Safety Information Bulletin 2018-07 issued
~ 2018 – Year of the Balloon Meet
~ Be Safe Fly Safe – Tiredness
~ Occurrence Reporting and what to do
~ Schroeder Flight Cylinders – possible problem to watch
~ Grade 2 well listed – The Chateau retires

News Update 30.04.18

CAA Survey on Maintenance Programmes Through Monkeychops, or whatever the company is called, the CAA have sent out a survey form enquiring what type of Maintenance Programme balloons are using. The survey has been sent to individual owners and does not identify the balloon. There are moves afoot to introduce new Maintenance Programmes called ‘Self […]

News Update 15.03.18

New bigger, better Cameron Flight Manual Amendment 16 issued Just in from Dave Boxall is the news that, in a pre-season bonanza, he has raised The Cameron Flight Manual to a dizzy Amendment 16. Speaking on Bedminster FM last night he said that, “Amendment 16 is a first for Cameron Balloons.” adding, “This is the […]

News Update 09.03.18

Lindstrand T30 Titanium cylinders EASA PAD 18-035 issued EASA have, in a surprise move (well, surprised us!), issued a PAD (Proposed Airworthiness Directive) rather than the ‘Cameron promised’ imminent Airworthiness Directive. Now this is interesting as it won’t become an Airworthiness Directive until the, what is now a public, consultation process finishes on 06 April […]

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