Balloon Repair Station

Who we are

Easy Balloons Ltd evolved from Wendover Trailers. Trading since 1982 Wendover Trailers manufactured all types of specialist trailers launching a range of commercial balloon trailers in 1986 and continues to be involved in all types of engineering and special projects. From the word ‘go’ Wendover Trailers was also heavily into looking after airworthiness issues of balloons and repairing and maintaining them. As the majority of their work today is the repair and maintenance of balloons it was decided to add the ‘& the Balloon Repair Station’. Easy Balloons Ltd is a UK Part ML Combined Airworthiness Organisation. Fully approved by the CAA it brings  the overall business up to date.

about_johnAt the needles we have John Yarrow who, back in 1985, started with Tony Patey in London at Thermal Aircraft, formed after Thunder Balloons combined with Colt Balloons and moved to Oswestry. Highly regarded, he is the most experienced balloon repairer around and a  Part66 inspector. John also does most of the basket repairs. Out of hours he is a well established jewellery maker and hill runner with an outstanding knowledge of London pubs.

about_chrisResponsible for burners and tanks (and when allowed, baskets) we have Chris Dunkley, former Chairman of the BBAC Technical Committee. Apart from having a very wide knowledge of all balloon equipment he is burdened with a broad understanding of all the airworthiness legislation which, he freely admits, drives him bonkers. As well as being a Part 66 inspector he is now a retired PPL, CPL and Group B Type Rating Examiner. Away from the workshop his interests include anything Old and Rusty, model railways (not trainsets!!!) any decent ale over 5% and he has been known to ride his horse, now and again!

Upstairs is daughter Alice who does stuff in the office (out of bounds to most) and assists with inspections. Her interests include horses (quell surpris), her children Charlie, Albert and Izzie, Italian scooters and chocolate.

about_janeKeeping everything running and MD of Easy Balloons is Jane Dunkley who also looks after the accounting and sales. Her interests include conversing with the CAA, Team Wellwick, buying things for her grandchildren, her garden, riding mopeds and horses.

Apart from repairs and maintenance we are always happy to give advice and help if asked. Visitors are warmly welcomed at any time but do call first as we do often work off site. We are open Tuesday to Thursday from about ten to six. If we are flat out though you’ll probably have to make your own tea!