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The No Ice Re-frozen Icicle 2020(Comments Off on The No Ice Re-frozen Icicle 2020)

February 14, 2020

The Icicle has been part of balloonings’ heritage since it first started and over the years has become the national institution that reminds us that better is yet to come as the evenings draw out and the sun shines warmer. It’s a chance to meet up with friends old and new, check out the latest […]

Vortex Burner

It has always puzzled me that the manufacturers, and it does seem to include all of them to one degree or another, seldom promote their new, or existing come to that, products in a meaningful way. Ballooning I grant you is a pretty close-knit community so perhaps they feel there is no need, word of […]

Peace and Love, what’s in your basket Tom Cobbly? – Minimum Equipment?

Now one and all, just chill. Its bad but not that bad. Having nearly arrived before the balloon, riding the flexirigids like whotshisface in Dr Strangelove, I can say, hand on heart, that a pilot restraint is not a bad thing especially if you don’t have turning vents…Yee Ha! Anyway having boiled me brain trying […]

John’s Balloon – Building the Dream

It all started a long time ago. Needles has been after building his own balloon for ever. Thing was, “Love to do it, but what is the point?” he oft asked. Fair comment, he doesn’t have a licence and, over the years, if you add up all the panels, patches and rebuilds he has done […]

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