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Debbie’s Great British Dash – Long Jump 2016(Comments Off on Debbie’s Great British Dash – Long Jump 2016)

April 6, 2017

The Long Jump is one of the last great personal challenges. Forget your altitude records, round the world flights and competition flying, all very challenging to different degrees I’m sure, but The Great British Long Jump is truly a personal challenge and one that has seen some pretty courageous flying over the years. Last year […]

Sunshine and Shapes – The Incredible Inflation Day

The British Balloon & Museum Inflation day takes place on a fixed day every two years so the weather isn’t exactly guaranteed! Despite this the Old and Rusty mob are no fair weather fliers and will, within reason, always give it a go. The chosen day, May 7th 2016, couldn’t have been better. Blue skies, […]

The Ups and Downs of Thermals

Weather is a strange science, there is no denying that. There are so many variables that it is a wonder that forecasting is as accurate as it is, well, at ground level anyway. You can, in the main, see weather but what you can’t see are thermals. Well, you can sometimes see their effects but […]

Beach Bums and Balloons

The thing about ballooning is that it is very portable. This means that provided there is enough space to get the thing inflated you can fly from just about anywhere. Its no everyone’s cup of tea but there are things that, given the chance, you should really have a go at like the Long Jump, […]

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