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Work Strand 2; Instructor and Examiner requirements…

January 24, 2024

Work Strand 2; Instructor and Examiner requirements for Instructing and Examining pilots seeking the Balloon licence and/or ratings. I’ve read the title quite a few times and it actually makes no sense. Must be me. Before we get into the swing of things please bear in mind that you do need to have this editorial… Read More ›

How Complicated can you make Licensing – CAA Work Strand 1

Balloon Working Group Recommendation Paper 1 Work Strand 1 – Commercial Balloon Pilot Licensing Provided you’ve got over having to join the BBAC DTO and become an Assistant Instructor to partake in training up your daughter for the Basic licence then have a gander at this lot. This paper and the proposed set of questions,… Read More ›

Dissenting Views Part 2 The Commercial Licence – Cary Crawley

Cary Crawley has campaigned long and hard on behalf of the commercial balloon pilot and the value of the very well respected UK CPL for many years. His efforts to make the CAA see reason are based on his vast experience of not only flying the largest ride balloons but setting up ride businesses and… Read More ›

Dissenting Views Part 1 The UK BPL Licence – Ian Chadwick

The Dissenters Part 1 – Ian Chadwick’s talk The term ‘Dissenters’ as we have already mentioned comes from the findings listed in the various Work Stream papers and entitled ‘Dissenting Views’. An very unprofessional word to use in what is supposed to be a consultation amongst Subject Matter Experts. Well to my mind it does… Read More ›

Welcome 15.01.24

Well now here we are again. Saturday saw the British Balloon & Airship Club Special General meeting, somewhat forced upon them to explain why it appeared that they had not been representing the BBAC membership (and balloonists in general) in supporting a return to the old UK PPL/CPL licensing system [more …]

How Complicated can you make licensing Part 1 – Ian Chadwick

We are blessed with people like Ian Chadwick who, for many years monitored, defended, supported, fought EASA and occasionally chastised pilots. I wonder if we can get him a BBAC gong? Herewith is his brief history of the  licensing route to disaster. Following this is his (very reasoned and agreed with by many) take on… Read More ›

How complicated can you make Licensing? – CAA Work Strand 3

Work Strand 3 – CAA Final Draft on the basic UK BPL requirements In view of the lack of communication and consultation between the BBAC and its members along with the vast majority of balloonists not in the BBAC, herewith the final (and really final) consultation paper that has gone to the Subject Matter Experts… Read More ›

The Great BBAC Licence Swindle – Head above the parapet

The Great BBAC Licence Swindle – Head above the parapet Having largely failed to get any meaningful discussion or response from the British Balloon and Airship Club (BBAC) Flying Committee’s commitment to remaining fully aligned with EASA and without any clear intention to prepare for the departure from EASA on 31st December this year, after… Read More ›

The Ups and Downs of the Great British Balloon Licence – Chris Dunkley

Its been a cracking day, the winds light and variable and the temperature still t-shirt. My dog and I have walked miles and watched a balloon float gently across the sky, albeit very slowly, and land almost where we cut into the woods. Pleasant happy waves exchanged with the retrieve crew. A degree of considered,… Read More ›

Corrie Virutrolic nasty thing and the Balloon Clubs

With the lockdown having been extended into June, throughout the UK the regional balloon clubs have issued guides and notes to pilots and many planned events and get-togethers cancelled or are being revued on a rolling basis. Within the clubs, from early on, members had all agreed that flying was going on hold and, following… Read More ›