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Breitling Navitimer – another dream fulfilled.(Comments Off on Breitling Navitimer – another dream fulfilled.)

April 9, 2019

Dear old Steve Roake has once again contributed to the Old and Rusty Club with his latest discovery and life changing aquisition. Having checked ebay he could get mugged but whatever he is happy. Next time you see him ask to look under his cuff   (o: As I review the things I tend to write […]

Life in the fast lane – Concorde’s record breaking flight

Quite a few years ago I stood on the eye of the Uffington White Horse on an overcast day with daughter Alice. We heard Concorde a way off, doing her best not to go supersonic before she cleared Cornwall. That sound was unmistakable. The powerful rumble got louder, the clouds parted and that dagger of […]

Toffs on bikes – The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

These days I’m not one for going on bike rides for the sake of it, or riding in groups come to that. You need a purpose I reckon, even if you just make it up, to brave the pot-holed roads of Merry England, and I’ve got a dog that gets humpy if she is left […]

Going to five – The return of the Mighty Dynatron

Been awhile since the Mighty Dynatron stood down to be replaced temporarily by a rather minted Technics system that came in boxes from the Charity Shop. Well, true to say it was quite swish, but didn’t have the soul or warmth of the Queen’s machine and finally, with the approach of Christmas, I figured it […]

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