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Is it an age thing? – Steve Roake chomps the bit over classic Jap bikes(Comments Off on Is it an age thing? – Steve Roake chomps the bit over classic Jap bikes)

April 6, 2017

I don’t know about you, but for me the more I look at Modern Plastic Urban Motorcycles, the more they look generically all the same. I’m sure regulations have had their say in why everything now looks and goes in a similar vein, but for me all the current crop of modern bikes are soulless […]

HMS Starwort and the U-boat – the sinking of U-660

Monday morning bright and gay and dear old Trev popped round for a coffee. “’Ere boy found this in me dad’s house. Its HMS Starwort, a Flower Class Corvette.” “How do you know that matey?” I asked. “Its on the back. Kettle on?” No change there then. Thing is neither of us had ever heard […]

Two go by train – Celebrating the new Oxford to London Line

Finally after a couple of minor setbacks like having to completely rebuild an existing tunnel and not realising they needed planning permission to re-open an existing railway into Oxford, Chiltern Railways finally announced that the inaugural service between Oxford and London Marylebone would commence on Monday December 12th 2016. Chiltern Railways, our darling of the […]

The Tourists’ guide to Milton Keynes Part 1 – In search of the Concrete Cows

Pork Pie Friday is when days out are oft dreampt up so thus it was that as we had already decided not to have another Tracklements’ day on account we did that last year we did rather feel a Grand Day Out was long overdue. This was supported by the fact that we’d missed out […]

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