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It’s called “work in progress” by Steve Roake.(Comments Off on It’s called “work in progress” by Steve Roake.)

November 22, 2020

Bikes have always been my freedom. Right from the word go and my 1977 Puch Maxi “S”, they have allowed me to go places and do things. The Puch propelled me to British Aerospace in Weybridge where I did my apprenticeship in aeronautical engineering. Following on with a 1975 “N” reg Honda C90 step through. […]

A Tale of Two Cylinders – Getting the Moto Guzzi going (Part 1)

Author’s note: Oh dear. Whilst doing a little ‘website housekeeping’ I found this article languishing in the ‘drafts’ folder. And it has been “languishing” for a very very long time… On re-reading it (a few years on from the original draft) I find that it is now significantly ‘out of date’ because I went a […]

Breitling Navitimer – another dream fulfilled.

Dear old Steve Roake has once again contributed to the Old and Rusty Club with his latest discovery and life changing aquisition. Having checked ebay he could get mugged but whatever he is happy. Next time you see him ask to look under his cuff   (o: As I review the things I tend to write […]

Life in the fast lane – Concorde’s record breaking flight

Quite a few years ago I stood on the eye of the Uffington White Horse on an overcast day with daughter Alice. We heard Concorde a way off, doing her best not to go supersonic before she cleared Cornwall. That sound was unmistakable. The powerful rumble got louder, the clouds parted and that dagger of […]

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