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We wobble here, we wobble there – January Wobbling(Comments Off on We wobble here, we wobble there – January Wobbling)

January 31, 2019

We had only just slipped into January 2019 and we managed a couple of flights on the trot in good old George, now with its C3 burner and comfy T&C swept top basket jobby that we have put together. The old crinkly fabric ’56 is still a trooper. Son Peter is busy now trying to […]

News Update 25.09.17 – Ultramagic Service Bulletins

Ultramagic Service Bulletins SB 01/07 and SB 02/17 The latest batch of Flight Manual Supplement updates from Ultramagic also includes two Service Bulletins. SB01/17 and SB02/17, both were issued on 19 September 2017. SB01/07 concerns Vincke liquid fuel hoses in both three eighth (marked 1106 on the hose) and half inch (marked 1108 on the […]

Tess’s Trafalgar Day (plus one)

Why Trafalgar Day plus one? Well we missed celebrating it this year on account that we were too busy. As luck would have it though, it was Tessa Tennant’s birthday on 22nd October, the next day, and, as it turned out, a bit of a victory against the odds. Obvious then. Who is Tessa Tennant? […]

The Tourists’ guide to Milton Keynes Part 1 – In search of the Concrete Cows

Pork Pie Friday is when days out are oft dreampt up so thus it was that as we had already decided not to have another Tracklements’ day on account we did that last year we did rather feel a Grand Day Out was long overdue. This was supported by the fact that we’d missed out […]

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