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It’s a what exactly? Strange things in the workshop!(Comments Off on It’s a what exactly? Strange things in the workshop!)

March 31, 2020

Amongst the leaking whisper burners and vapour valves, cylinders to be tested and holes various to mend we do get a fair few oddly type visitors. Generally speaking these are ‘I was wondering if’s..’ and ‘do you think that’s’. Thing is once someone reckons it can’t be mended we are on a challenge which, most […]

Sheep, but not as we know them Spock.

We used to have sheep. Then we finally admitted the futility but that’s not to say we wouldn’t have the little darlings again (ignore that for the moment). I once, and only once, mentioned having sheep to Farmer Jay, but despite the two feral jobbies that wander aimlessly but somewhat menacingly, around Wellwick Farm, he […]

Airships, Balloons, Rockets and Dan Dare – Making space in the bookcase (Pt 1)

Every so often we elect, well I elect, to have a Biffa-out. Quite often this transpires to be a de-clutter and rearrangement rather than full blown lob out but, whatever occurs, it does involve some rather prolonged involuntary pauses and distractions when lost or forgotten about treasures emerge. Jane gave me a book on Vinyl […]

Steve Roake – What makes British Summers so special?

Coming to the end of September you know the weather is about to turn for the worse, you reflect upon the last few weeks and how glorious the weather has actually been and how much you appreciate British Summers, but when did you actually sit down and consider what it is that makes the summers […]

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