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Easy Balloons COVID-19 Inspection Procedures(Comments Off on Easy Balloons COVID-19 Inspection Procedures)

June 14, 2020

Overview Although at present (June 6th 2020) we are ourselves not carrying out any inspections or repairs we are hoping to re-open in July or August depending on the situation then. When we do re-open these requirements will apply. Having said that some of our inspectors are now inspecting again and others planning to do […]

Welcome 10.06.2020

Welcome indeed and we trust you and yours are keeping well, staying safe and the garden looks grand. All sorts are going on at the moment so apologies for the delay in the appearance of the June edition.

Currently we remain closed and are not planning to carry out any inspections or repairs until July 1st, at the earliest, when we will revue the situation. We realise that a return to balloon flying is now in progress and that solo flying and same-household flights are now permitted. If you choose to take advantage of this and require an inspection please use another inspector plan, your flight thoroughly and take great care. [more …]

Edward does the ton – Birthday under lockdown

Jane’s dad, Edward Oates, as in my father-in-law finally, after dragging it out for what seems like years, reached the age of 100 on 15th April 2020. Now he very thoughtfully got born in 1920 making it very easy to work which year this target was reached. A lot of time and effort in recent […]

It’s a what exactly? Strange things in the workshop!

Amongst the leaking whisper burners and vapour valves, cylinders to be tested and holes various to mend we do get a fair few oddly type visitors. Generally speaking these are ‘I was wondering if’s..’ and ‘do you think that’s’. Thing is once someone reckons it can’t be mended we are on a challenge which, most […]

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