Balloon Repair Station

Hot Air Balloon Repairs, Inspection and Services

Updated 17.07.2023

Hot Air Balloon Repairs, Inspection and services

Our fully equipped and well-stocked facility means that we can carry out repairs and maintenance to envelopes, burners, baskets and cylinders and all the other bits and pieces to ensure your balloon remains fully airworthy. We normally hold a pretty comprehensive stock of parts for all the leading balloon manufacturers from cloudhoppers to the biggest ride balloons. We also stock the odd discontinued part and components for the home-builder or non-Part 21 balloons. We also hold stocks of basket hide, leather and wicker.

We are approved to carry out inspections to private and commercial hot air balloons including special shapes and all their associated equipment.

From a multi-panel rebuild to stitching a tape back on, no repair is too big or too small. Friendly, helpful (hopefully!) advice freely given.

All Insurance work undertaken.

Below are some of the services we offer. Please click on the link or contact us for further details.

Insurance Work

Generally quotes are not given over the telephone as the degree of perceived damage is not necessarily related to the actual damage or the time it will take to repair! We always prefer to inspect the damage before quoting but we are happy for you to call in advance. Quotations are usually prepared and sent out on the same day and are always subject to unseen damage!


Inspections are usually carried out in the launch field at The Black Horse, Mobwell, Great Missenden, Bucks which is five minutes down the road. The pub does a good bit of grub and has a good selection of beers, cider and Eurofizz are on tap (tea and coffee is available). There’s a good kids’ playground and camping is available. We can always meet you there.

If you are a multi-balloon Ride Operator, Club or a group of local balloonists we can, by arrangement, come to you. Please enquire for full details and, of course, it will always be ‘weather dependent!’

Please go to CAO Services & Charges for prices.

We are also approved to issue Form 1s for individual pieces of equipment.


Repair and replacement of panels including special shapes.
Replacement flying wires, velcros, load tapes and rigging.
Inspection and evaluation of all envelopes including special shapes.

We offer a postal repair service for scoops.

Although ‘no repair is too big or too small’ in some circumstances we may actually suggest that a repair may not be viable on the grounds of cost.

In some circumstances we may be able to loan an envelope (up to 105) but you will have to arrange your own short term insurance.


Repair and maintenance of all makes of burners from straightforward lubrication and adjustment to full rebuilds, including Cloudhopper burners and rare or out of production models.

Inspection and evaluation of all makes and types of burners.

We usually have spare burners that can be lent if the repair is going to take longer than a days wait!


Repair and maintenance to all makes and sizes of basket (and airchairs!) from re-trimming to hide, cane and floor replacement.

Flight Cylinders

We carry a full stock of parts for all the leading makes of flight cylinder.
Most repairs can be carried out while-you-wait, in the case of a PPT the while-you-wait service is by prior arrangement.

Repairs and servicing to valves and all components.

Annual Inspection, Proof Pressure Testing (PPT) and Internal Inspection.

If possible please ensure that cylinders arrive empty and with their jackets on. We don’t charge for emptying cylinders and always endeavour to put what ever comes out back in but occasionally this may not be possible and you will not always get all your fuel back. On the other hand if you bring in an empty cylinder it may come back with fuel in it! If you don’t want the cylinder refilled and left in a purged state please let us know beforehand.

We are happy to purge cylinders or let you do it and issue the appropriate certificates.

PPT, replace PRV and Internal Inspection….. (£65.00 excluding parts and VAT).
Cylinder purging….. foc (maximum four).

Special Projects, R&D, Specialist Services

We have a wealth of experience in designing, building and getting the various approvals for a wide variety of special projects be they one off advertising spectaculars or specialist components for use in other applications.

In recent years, amongst the less wacky, we have designed and built Flying Motorcycles. Beds, Toilets, Jet Cars, Concorde seat hopper, Folding Trailers and Camera Platforms.

We have recently started sewing up wing coverings for fabric covered classic and vintage aircraft.

We work closely with a wide variety of very skilled engineers including a brilliant CAA approved coded-welder so in the unlikely event we can’t help we can point you in the right direction. You’ll find a few articles on some of the stuff we have done in the Random bit of the front page.

Buying and Selling

Generally we do not sell secondhand balloons or components but occasionally they do turn up and are advertised here. Please note that we do not act as agents for sellers unless specifically asked. We cannot store equipment or balloons for sale and we ask that you deal direct with the purchaser at all times. There is no charge for this service.

We are happy to inspect balloons and equipment offered for sale by prior arrangement. In the case of secondhand envelopes we strongly advise potential purchasers to arrange a flight test with the seller to ascertain for themselves the actual condition of the envelope. Any degree of suspected porosity is always difficult to ascertain without a flight.

Generally we point sellers and buyers in the direction of Zebedee Balloon Services.

Collection and delivery of balloons and equipment components

For full details of our opening hours and how to get to us please see our Contact Us page.

Generally we ask that you don’t drop or collect trailers before seven in the morning or after eight in the evening but equipment can be dropped off or collected out of hours by prior arrangement. We can usually arrange something. Please call for details.

We are pleased to say that we have a very friendly and broad customer base so if you want something collected or delivered we can sometimes hook you up with someone coming our way or going yours who may be able to help out.

We are happy to accept and send balloons by courier if necessary but prefer you arrange the courier.