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Stuff for sale bit - updated 11.04.20

If you have something to sell, or would like us to pop something on the site advertising your services (careful now), please contact us with any appropriate links. Be sure our man Barry will check them out first! You may well find most of the stuff here is also on the Zebedee List at so for further information it is well worth a look. Alternatively, for the best results, we would recommend you advertise it there as well. Contact them direct at

There is no charge for advertising here but we do ask that if an item is sold you let us know asap. We will remove anything that has been on for more than six months automatically unless we hear to the contrary. Please be advised that we have no interest in the ads placed here so there is no point contacting us directly (unless its something we are selling, obviously!), you need to contact the seller direct. All listings and adverts are free and there is categorically no fee or commission involved whatsoever at all never. OK?

Items for sale

Cameron Z160 G-OXBA built 2008 with 422 hours All Hyperlast except for the first two rows. T&C Mini T basket. 135 x 223 . Cushion floor, padded sides. Black Leather. T&C Stratus double burners. Rego fittings. 3 x Cameron Tall Titanium cylinders. Black covers. Rego plus Worthington cylinder. Cameron 8.5 up Fan. Old but good runner. Twin axle ten foot trailer with soft cover. New CofA on purchase and artwork removed. One careful owner/operator. Offers around £17500. Please contact John Rose. Email





Here, have a look at this. Films out!
Lot going on this year with the recent release of ‘Darkest Hour’ and the end of the First World War. Our mate Neil is selling his rather splendid and minted Winston S. Churchill - The Major Works Centenary Limited First Edition - 25 Volumes (1974). Absolutely in Mint Condition a complete pristine collection of 25 superb volumes of Churchill's works, never used. Full Burgundy Leather bound with 22ct gold large embossed script initials “W S C” to spines and upper boards and 22ct gold edging to all leaves. Portrait of Winston Churchill, tipped in front of each volume with a Letter of Authenticity from the Churchill Centenary Trust. The set comprises, History of the English Speaking Peoples (4 volumes), The War Speeches (3), The Second World War (6), The World Crisis (5), My Early Life (1), Marlborough (4), Lord Randolph Churchill (2) Price £950. Certainly a good investment. For further information: contact Neil

Cameron Skyhopper complete. H-34 envelope G-BRKL c/n2075 1989. 74 hours. Just inspected Arc and inspection expire 21/01/2019.Tad smelly with some mildew but not porous and passed grab test all colours. I x double flying wire fitted for inspection. Needs flying! Comes with Skyhopper bottom end and Worthington cylinder PPT 06.17. Bargain at £2500.00. Contact Barry Newman at




Stop me and Buy One - goes all Merchandising likeAfter a run of 13 years without any funding except from his own pockets, Steve Roake’s Cloudhoppers.Org has made the leap into marketing a few items that he feels may be of interest to discerning balloonists. Steve explained that the one thing he didn’t want to get involved with was cheap and nasty tack that just clutters up your cupboards never to be seen again, so some considerable thought went into the selected products before releasing them to the marketplace. The idea behind doing the bits and pieces was to hopefully help cover the hosting costs of the website and make it no longer a drain on his resources.

The first item to be launched was the Hopper Mug. He didn’t think they would get the exposure they have already had and already seem to be quite popular. Although very good for putting tea (and scotch) in Steve saw them as a novelty item and had previously had some made up for the One Man Meet as prizes with the location as the description, mainly to introduce the Cloudhoppers’ branding. Now sporting the appropriate logo and ‘Keep Calm. Just go fly the hopper’ they are themselves flying off the shelf at £9 plus postage and packaging. We’ve tried them and they are not porous and have proved to be very dishwasher friendly.

With a plug for Christmas, well actually just a nice present anytime, Steve has sourced a lovely stylish Cloudhoppers’ Clock. Working on the theme of Less is more, this delightful nine inch timepiece may be the answer to a loved ones wish list or a gift for the pilot that has everything. These are supplied to order and sell for £25 plus postage and packaging

On the more practical, technical, side it has oft been noted that Mr Roake has a slightly OCD desire to cap any exposed tubing that gets stored in his balloon kit with the potential to cause damage. Naturally he set about sourcing various sized bungs to meet his needs, starting with capping bungs for the Cameron Millenium Hopper seat unit itself. These just finish off the tubing when you pack your hard earned kit away. Interest has been keen and several sets have already been sold. They are available for any application, so whilst there are specific sets for Lindstrand , Ultramagic and Cameron /Sky/T&C hoppers you can also use them on your burner frames, basket tops and inflation fan feet. If it's exposed tubing and you can get a diameter – he can get the bungs. Could this mark the end of my dog getting free tennis balls!

In the coming year he is intending to add to the range depending on demand. To this end he has had some serious interest in doing bright vibrant umbrellas so watch this space for more details soon or check it out on the Cloudhopppers page on Facebook. If you have anything that you think may be important for balloonists by balloonists that you can’t currently source please feel free to drop Steve a line with your ideas and he’ll do his best to source it. Please email for availability and costs to

Established Rides Business for sale
Family run Balloon Rides Operation for sale. Very well established business established 1989 with a very good local reputation. Flying areas are Bucks, Beds, Oxford, Herts, N’hants with good launchsites. The business is for sale with or without equipment. For more information please call Stuart Seager on 01296 641153, Mobile 07831 773999 or email

Purpose built Bateson double axle trailer (in 2009 cost £3,650) with soft grey zipped envelope & fan housing & basket covers / drop down sides for effortless walk around basket re-fuelling / full width basket roller / spare wheel / hitch-lock / built in ramps & winch very easy for 1 person to get the basket, with all tanks inside, off for set up whilst waiting for your crew to turn up!! Price on application, no VAT. Please call 07802 303492 or email Peter Foot at for further details.

2 lot cylindersPile of Bishy Flight Cylinders - more coming in

If he's not renting them out Pete usually has a fine selection of cylinders for sale usually with recent PPT, PRV and Internal. Celia spends hours polishing them so they'll be nice and smart. If you want a bespoke cover for them then you could do worse than order an elasticated one at the same time. They were the first to make them like that you know! Contact Zebedee Balloon Services tel 01844 681527 or visit their website or email

Cameron Orange-120 Special Shape. 1993. G-CDXW. 89 Hours in good conditionOrange in Sywell Reservoir and flies extremely well, with new EASA C of A/ARC. Good for Pilot and upto 3 Pax, Sphere Shape with one flat side showing pretty Orange segments and a small stalk at the top, Granador artwork on rear which can stay, can also give shape instructor flights if required, Velcro Rip, Dump Valve and Rotation Vent, opens doors to Worldwide events last flights were in Israel in October 2012, more pictures can be found on or phone with any questions. £ 5750 Andrew Kaye 07860 563003
We’ve just inspected it and all is well. Evidence of localized mildew but all strong and no evidence of porosity. A very difficult shape to build and must have cost a fortune new.

Thunder & Colt V30

Five Thunder & Colt V30 Rego take-off slaves with vertical off-takes and Quick shut-off valves. In very good condition and all the boss-typed ones (not subject to the Cameron SB-12). All bar one have nice Bishy elasticated red covers and have had a recent Proof Pressure Test, Internal and Pressure relief valves replaced. They are currently purged so could be shipped. £595.00 each.
Please contact Arthur Street or 01404 823102.