Balloon Repair Station

Welcome 28.02.2023

It was with great sadness that Our great Pete passed away on 12th February, peacefully at his home in Quainton with all the family and his carer Charles with him. Pete had an amazing number of friends who came to visit, sent regards and generally kept in touch with him throughout. All the lovely cards we have received all mention his kindness and beaming smile, He truly was very, very special to many, many people for which we are most proud.

The funeral will be on 22nd March at St Marys Church, Wendover at half one. For those that wish to join us we will be meeting at the Clock Tower at one o’clock and walking up Wendover High Street to the church. All are welcome. This will be a celebration of Pete’s life so there is no dress code, but happy and colourful would be great. In the traditional Wendover way, after the service, there will be refreshments in the church followed by a tour of the ale houses of Wendover.