Balloon Repair Station

Welcome 18.01.2023 – An update

For those of you who may not be aware, just a briefly to explain why we seem to have disappeared a bit. Sadly our son Pete’s brain tumour, which had appeared to have been finally defeated to a controllable state, made a very aggressive return last year and in the past few months his condition has deteriorated extremely quickly meaning that he needs constant care. With the enormous help of The Florence Nightingale, Trust, Marie Curie, four visits a day by lovely healthcare people, the District Nurses and palliative care team, our family plus a lovely group of friends taking turns of being with him along with his many friends who regularly call in on him he is being kept as comfortable and well cared for as it is possible in his bungalow in Quainton. Amongst recent visitors were his cousins Otis and Isaac who between them all managed to create a wondrous piece of abstract art quite a bit which was on Pete’s fingers, hand and arm! It now hangs on the wall.

This does not affect in any way Easy Balloons and its inspectors who we are still fully supporting with all associated paperwork submitted being processed in the normal way. We are also still making applications for Certificates of Airworthiness and Export CofAs. Please be assured that we are continuing and will continue to run Easy Balloons but the workshop is only open for repairs Tuesdays to Thursdays by arrangement. Best way to contact us at the moment is by email to Preferably we would prefer cylinders for testing, and repairs to envelopes and equipment dropped off and collected by prior arrangement. If you need help or advice please don’t hesitate to drop me an email. In the meantime a huge thanks to all those that have visited Pete, offered their support and help and sent their wishes. It is all very much appreciated. Thank you so much. Chris and Jane

Elsewhere we are very aware that it is some considerable time since we posted anything article or news-wise on the site, 20.11.2020 to be precise, and there is a wealth of stuff that just got put on hold so we are intending to get on with putting the site back on the map so’s to speak. During the quiet times we have tried to keep the Pages (information) side of it going and are currently going through the various topics and revising and updating them, especially the Events page. So in the coming weeks it should start coming back to life. We do still check and update TCDSs, ADs and SBs and Manuals at least weekly and post any changes.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to a fuller version in the near future. Best regards Chris, Jane, and John and Polly.