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Kim’s big day out – A right Royal Birthday Bash

The proud owner of the ex-Lindstrand Union Jack balloon, Kim Hull of Adventure Balloons, decided its re-launch needed to be truly patriotic so what better way to do it than pop over Buck House and sing Happy Birthday to the Queen. Here’s his story. I really didn’t understand why I had bought the Union Jack… Read More ›

Jenksie goes North (just!) – Charming Chatsworth

A firm favourite, and an invitation meet at that, Chatsworth is certainly a jewel in the ballooning year especially when the sun shines and the bagpipers are quiet. Having had something else to do, these past few years, Dave Jenks decided 2015 was the year to return. This is how he nearly didn’t! Don’t worry… Read More ›

News Update 09.09.15 – Sackville is Go!

Grass Roots is a Go-Go – Three greens for Sackville 2015 Grass Roots is officially on and the airfield is getting ready to welcome all-comers. Its going to be a busy weekend with lots to do and see without the need to leave the village of Riseley! Everyone interested in balloons at whatever level is… Read More ›

Gordon Bennett stops play (and work!)

2015 Gordon Bennett stops play (and work!) – Robin Batchelor writes Well what can you say? I think balloonists around the world were transfixed by this years Gordon Bennett Race which launched from Pau in the French Pyrenees on August 28th with the last balloon, Suisse 2 piloted by Messrs Tieche and Sciboz, landing after… Read More ›

Responding to the EASA NPA on Part ML – Closes 9th Oct 2015

This is pretty much the last chance to change, amend or clarify EASA’s proposals to simplify the lot of the General Aviation pilot and their aircraft. There is a myriad of abbreviations that no-one outside the game has a clue what they mean but the bottom line is that not only would it be nice… Read More ›

New meets and events added!

I made them myself – Job done

Well he has finally cracked it and Tim Wilkinson has done what he said he’d do and built three balloons before Sackville with a great deal of help and encouragement from Barry Newman. This makes him the second largest builder of balloons in the UK, well this year at least. As he’s got on so… Read More ›

Joy in Joure and no wet feet – The Joure Balloon Festival 2015

This year was the 30th Joure Balloon Festival held, appropriately, in the town of Joure in the Netherlands. Joure is to the north east of Amsterdam and not very far from the remains of the Zuyder Zee, now just two large expanses of water, The Ijsselmeer and The Markermeer with plenty of other smaller lakes… Read More ›

Never mind the weather – still a great Bowes and Bells Meet

Despite the weather being less than favourable the new venue for the Bowes and Bells Meet this year made up for it. Elaine Smith kindly put pen to paper and explained that just because all was not Spring-like light winds and misty mornings a fine time was had by all. As we, the Pennine Region… Read More ›

Late Nights at Sackville – All Annexed Out?

By the time you are reading this Tim Wilkinson of Grass Roots fame will have most likely finished his third envelope having rebuilt G-BLCH an eight gore T&C thing and a couple of all new Airtours the company originally set up by Bob Poole and Carol and Bob Howes. Anyway down a few hundred yards… Read More ›