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News Update 09.09.15 – Sackville is Go!

Grass Roots is a Go-Go – Three greens for Sackville 2015
Grass Roots is officially on and the airfield is getting ready to welcome all-comers. Its going to be a busy weekend with lots to do and see without the need to leave the village of Riseley! Everyone interested in balloons at whatever level is welcome. There is no entry fee for spectators. If you are coming to see the balloons then please remember that Sackville Lodge is an active airfield. Rob Cross has just released the go-for-it note which says:

‘We Are calling the Event on:

Thanks to over 100 balloon teams who have indicated their intention to attend. If you haven’t told us of your intention to attend we would like to know NOW please:).

Ultramagic UK are again generously sponsoring this year’s event. They are bringing two balloons this year the M77 Ultramagic Demonstrator and S70 Friendship Balloon. There are possible opportunities to join them on for some hands on flying and ask you e mail Richard Penney direct to express your interest and they will do their best to accommodate. They will also be donating many cool prizes for some light-hearted competitions.

We are also grateful to Easy Balloons for their continued support.

There is also a Vintage Aircraft Club fly-in taking place on the airfield on Saturday with possibly 60 aircraft expected. The Riseley Fair is also happening on Saturday from 12. A horse endurance race is taking place on Sunday routing west of the airfield. The Swineshead Run is also on Sunday with 400 runners coming up the drive at 10am.

If you are attending as a pilot please note the following:
All pilots must register in the marquee before flying
Briefing times: Fri: 1700; Sat: 0600/1700; Sun: 0600 Tea/coffee. bacon butties available from 6am
Gas available at 45 pence per litre. Cash or cheques only please
Food by Kielder Meats catering from 10am until late
The BAR will also be available throughout the weekend from Friday evening onwards.

Very Important for all.
The stubble field next to runway (often used for parking in previous years) is now sown so is out of bounds. Just follow the signage/directions.
Parking will be on the grass behind the houses towards the gas tank

The Camping field is as normal but the entry has changed. It is no longer through the corner off the drive. That is now fenced.’

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