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The Ups and Downs of Thermals

Weather is a strange science, there is no denying that. There are so many variables that it is a wonder that forecasting is as accurate as it is, well, at ground level anyway. You can, in the main, see weather but what you can’t see are thermals. Well, you can sometimes see their effects but… Read More ›

Beach Bums and Balloons

The thing about ballooning is that it is very portable. This means that provided there is enough space to get the thing inflated you can fly from just about anywhere. Its no everyone’s cup of tea but there are things that, given the chance, you should really have a go at like the Long Jump,… Read More ›

Damp squibs? – Not likely its the Icicle Refrozen 2017

Charged with being on the organising Committee of the now nicely re-established Icicle Refrozen it came as a huge relief to Geoff Lescott and the 3-4-40 Icicle Refrozen organising crew that this year they managed to actually fly, an occurrence missing from the meet for quite a few years. Attendance was great, the atmosphere brilliant… Read More ›

From Warstein to Ferrara – by van!!!!

Having toughed it out in Warstein Neil Iveson filled his rucksack with beer and set off to march over the Alps to Ferrara from where he wired us this report. Ferrara Balloon Festival in Northern Italy ran from 10th to 18th September. Due to the first weekend clashing with the German Warstein Meet Team Khaos,… Read More ›

Cheers – it’s Warstein 2016

European globetrotter Neil Iveson reports on the popular Warstein Balloon Meet. Whilst most teams attended for the full week Team Swatch arrived on the Wednesday for the second half of the week. A number of British teams made the trip to Warstein for 2016. Having been there since Saturday they reported it had so far… Read More ›

Beginners Guide Part 1- How to become a balloon pilot

There are all sorts of training manuals, guides and official syllabus sort of stuff to help, or maybe hinder and confuse, those that want to take up the sport of ballooning, especially if you want to became a pilot. Forgetting all that stuff, Andy Austin, now an Examiner and who has probably trained up more… Read More ›

Flying the flag for Tibet – The Story of Tashi the Tibet Balloon

Can you imagine not being allowed to fly the flag of your country? Worse still, being arrested, imprisoned and even tortured for doing so? For the people of Tibet this is an everyday reality designed to suppress their identity as Tibetans and to force them conform to Chinese rule. My wife Heaven has worked with… Read More ›

All the Young Dudes – The Great British Long Jump 2015

The Long Jump seemingly took a low profile this year. Not sure why but for those six gallant entrants it might just have heralded the start of a resurgence in this oldest of old, boldest of bold and now freshest of fresh ballooning competitions. The reason? Well a new generation of balloonists, up for the… Read More ›

Austerity –My least favourite word- by Steve Roake

Let’s face it, we are at the end of the year and a time when we reflect on what the year has produced. “Austerity” has a lot to answer for. Everyone blames not doing stuff on the word, I really hate it, it “grinds my tits”! I even went as far as looking up the… Read More ›

Armed with some Old & Rusty balloons the BBM&L head to Warstein 2015

Remembering free beer and fine flying Neil Iveson arranged to take the BBM&L’s Maxwell House to the famous Warstein Balloon Meet in Germany. Despite a slow beery start he and his Team had a very fine time and recommend this meet to anyone. Here’s his report. After the enjoyment of the Joure balloon festival in… Read More ›