Balloon Repair Station

EB News 21.02.12

Mandatory Lindstrand Service Bulletin issued.
Mandatory Lindstrand Service Bulletin 12 was raised on 10th February 2012. It refers to internal leaks through the Female ACME (Rego-type) Connector fitted to the hose ends on a number of listed burners, pre-fabricated hoses and those supplied as spares. The leak is a result that, possibly, the fitting was not tightened sufficiently during manufacture and should be easily resolved providing the procedure described in the SB is followed. Burner numbers will be on the burner H bracket and pre-fabricated hose and manifold numbers are on the sealed ID tag wrapped around the hose ends. If you have ordered and fitted new Rego ends to hoses or manifolds or as stored spares the affected ones are listed on the Form 1 you got with them or those supplied between 01.01.12 and 01.09.11. If after inspection you are unable to cure the problem then contact Lindstrand Balloons for advice and a replacement fitting. To get the SB go to for a download or contact them on 01691 671717.

G-BHTG to be re-commissioned
Halcyon, a Leonard Street built Thunder 56 Bolt, is to be returned to airworthy condition having been ‘retired’ at 53.10hrs in 1991. The complete kit has been donated to the BBM&L including the original Hot Tom double burner by its owners the MacDonalds. The logbook is a joy to read containing a damge report after each flight, fortunately usually ‘no damage’! Its not thought much will need to be done to the kit as it is all still in pretty good condition. One problem will be getting the Hot Tom ‘officially approved’ but Cameron’s John Davies is on the case so hopefully it won’t be long before this brightly coloured balloon is seen in the air again. Full story to follow.

Lindstrand Pressure Gauges
Lindstrand Balloons have changed the supplier of their burner pressure gauges. The originally gauges are now no longer available and the new ones are a slightly different size so when ordering and fitting a replacement gauge it is very important to make sure you get a new deeper bezel ring that holds them in place. It is also important to fit new ‘O’ rings as a matter of course. Fitting instructions are still the same and can be found in the Maintenance Manual. Don’t forget your Form 1.

Cameron Z types parachute rim tape
Larger Cameron Z-types are tending to show signs of scuffing on the the parachute edge tape. The tell-tell sign is the wrinkling of one (occasionally both) side of the stitching which produces bunching of the tape. Balloons with a little as 40 hours on them have been found to show early signs of the condition. Having contacted Craig Moore, Technical Manager at Cameron Balloons, stated that there isn’t a problem with this however if it is thought that the bunching is excessive then give him a call with the measurement of the tape (centre to centre between gores) and they will check their data.

Black Horse Meet Cancelled/Postponed
With the departure of Annie Walker from the Black Horse the organising folk of the Black Horse Easter Meet have decided that it would be prudent to put on hold the planned Easter Meet. Although there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the ongoing use of the Black Horse by the Club it is going to be closed for a refurb and it is not known at this time exactly for how long. (Crikey that was a bit long-winded press-speak!). Watch this space for updates.