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EB News 30.01.12

Ultramagic Flight Manual update
Must be the time of year as Ultramagic have just updated their Flight Manual to Edition 4 Revision 18. The revisio also affects the following Flight Manual Supplements:

Supplement Nr.4, Issue 3, introducing changes to the compatibility with Kubícek equipment (AMENDMENT)

Supplement Nr.6, Issue 5, introducing changes to the compatibility with Fire/Schroeder equipment (AMENDMENT)

Supplement Nr.19, Issue 5, introducing changes to the compatibility with other manufacturers equipment (AMENDMENT)

Supplement Nr.24, Issue 1, establishing compatibility with Chaize/Altisph’Air/Annonay Baskets (NEW)

Supplement Nr.34, Issue 2, introducing changes for C-14 Baskets (AMENDMENT)

Supplement Nr.39, Issue 3, introducing changes for CT-01 “Tekno” Baskets (AMENDMENT)

Supplement Nr.42, Issue 1, covering Special Shape envelope F-34 “Metten” (NEW)

For full details of all the documents affected and to download either the full Flight Manual or just the changed pages, for free, please go to the Ultramagic Website at then into the Technical Support area.

URGENT: Amendment to the Medical Declaration Form
The CAA have recently amended the information concerning the medical declaration for PPL holders. The updated information to GPs now states that only a UK licensed GP can sign the declaration form whereas before it just stated (incorrectly, according to the CAA) ‘your GP’. This should have been made clear in the original version as this is related to the NPPL and is subject to UK law. Some UK PPL(B) holders may have obtained a signature from a GP in Europe, or further abroad. Even if the doctor has a UK medical qualification they must be registered with the UK General Medical Council to be able to sign. If this is not the case then the medical declaration is invalid and therefore your pilot’s license is invalid. The CAA have consulted their lawyers and have agreed to issue an exemption to cover the individuals who have had a medical declaration countersigned by a GP outside the UK, giving them 3 months to either obtain a valid declaration with a the GP in the UK with whom they are registered or obtain a JAA Class 2 certificate.

David Bareford (BBAC Medical Advisor) has worked very hard to resolve this and is currently working with the CAA to collate a list of affected pilots so the exemptions can be issued as quickly as possible.

Attention has also been drawn to a recent GASCo Flight Safety Bulletin concerning medical problems. Pilots are reminded that the ANO sets out what is required of license holders when there is change in their health and what may render them no longer fit to act as pilot in command. It may not always be obvious that a pilot’s health issue is one that requires reporting. This might be complicated by the potential effects and side-effects of medication used to treat the condition, even medication bought over the counter at a chemist. Many GPs are unaware of the level of fitness required to fly an aircraft and the acceptability or otherwise of medications. If you are not sure then you, or your GP, can obtain advice on certain illnesses, surgical procedures, medication and the status of your medical certificate, from the medical section of the CAA’s website and clicking on ‘Documents for download’.

Sad demise of Sea France, good news on the Chunnel
Sea France are no more. Of all the ferry companies we dealt with they were the most helpful. P&O now seem to be taking full advantage of their new found power seemingly canceling under-booked ferries at a whim so we strongly recommend you check before setting off that your booked ferry will actually be sailing. This applies in both directions.

On a brighter note following some excellent groundwork by Tony Jay we are pleased to report that The Chunnel will now accept two cylinders with a combined maximum of 50kg of fuel in them. All others must be purged and have certificates. The cylinders must be securely stored during transit. There is no need to declare when booking but you must notify them prior to loading.

They are aware that the most usual cylinders carried are 20kg and 30kg and that the cylinders have gauges that register percentage.

Any problems please contact Reena Moseley or one of The Sales Support Team on 08443 353535 or through their website Takes a while to get through on the jellybone but they are all very helpful and pretty clued up but will go and ask if they don’t know the answer. Dreadful incidental music while you are on hold though! Bit like backing music from a Leonard Cohen number!!

For full details of all the current ferry crossings’ requirements please go to Ferries & Transportation in the pages bit.