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“Tranquillity” by Steve Roake(Comments Off on “Tranquillity” by Steve Roake)

April 18, 2016

‘Tranquillity’, the word conjures up various differing ideas for people based upon their ideal definition of what is peaceful utopia. It tends to be a unique position where you find yourself in a place unexpectedly where the surroundings leave you in broad agreement with life in general. It manifests itself as differing things to different […]

Malmesbury, Mustard and the story of the Tiger

“Eaten by a Tiger! Without mustard?” we echoed as one. “Yes,” said Barry, “Really. Look over here.” We did and it was true, a very lovely little lady explained the story to us. We were not sure whether to laugh or feel sadness. Granted we’d had a pint and indulged in a drop of hot […]

The Radcliffe Progressive Music Society – Reborn in Oxford

Remember days behind the old school desk? If it was any good your school would have had a Progressive Music Society held in a Sixth Form Tutor Room blagged off of a Physics Teacher named Mr Bowden who was really good at rugby and mainly mutilated the school First Fifteen during the school versus staff […]

In the groove – Intro Outro and the art of Going Bonzo

ESB plays some strange tricks on you. Before you know it you’re discussing the characters in the song ‘The Intro and The Outro’ by the Bonzo Dog Doo/Dah Band without the aid of an Immac phonewotsit. Clustered at the end of the bar we started running through the musicians introduced in the fantastic ditty complete […]

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