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“Silence” by Steve Roake

You know us balloonists are a funny lot. We share a common denominator but we vary by so many ways. From Time to time I think about things, with nothing in particular in mind and then suddenly something will enter my head and I’ll study it at length to fully understand all of its virtues.
I know you probably are now all thinking, has he gone barking mad? Last time he did this he was rattling on about “Tranquillity” and now bloody silence. Well here’s the thing you see. Silence has multiple meanings and can be seen in various formats. I like things with multiple disciplines.
Let’s investigate further by understanding clearly what the dictionary thinks we should conclude silence to be. The ever-popular Wiktionary says that silence is a Noun. For example, when the motor stopped, the silence was deafening. Or perhaps the act of refraining from speaking. “You have the right of silence”, said the police officer. Finally, they tell you it is a form of meditative worship practiced by the Society of Friends (Quakers). All interesting stuff but I think this barely touches the sides of silence.

In Music for example it can be a useful component of a great track, as practised to great success by such luminaries as Pink Floyd and Dire Straits to name but two.

I also think it can be a command. Should you be in a room of noisy kids, as a Teacher you will call for silence so you can start whatever activity you are there to do.

When was the last time you enjoyed Silence? In this noise polluted world in which we live in, when did you have the opportunity to simply be in an environment where you could appreciate it for what it is? Silence can be a mood changer. You might be wound up, highly stressed over something and silence can put you back into a happier place where you regain your happy medium.

You could say that Silence is but a moment by which you can reflect on things and prepare for whatever is approaching. I like to think of it as a calming influence that remains neutral at all times and not subject to outside influences. It can be the end of something, like a staging of time. When the activity stopped there was nothing left but silence.

I particularly enjoy it when star gazing. When you are in a non-light polluted environment and enjoying mother Nature’s offerings and perhaps utilising an App on your phone to help find Jupiter or Saturn in the night skies, the accompanying partner invariably appears to be silence.

It’s definitely a happy place, devoid of conflict, but sometimes has to be searched to be found. Surely if we are enjoying Silence then it’s an activity too. Have you ever found when you have something you have to definitely get on with such as a project or essay for example, that you have benefitted greatly from silence that has allowed you to be productive?

Google’s first offering was a 2016 film featuring Martin Scorsese based upon a novel that dates back to 1966 of the same name about two 17th century Portuguese Missionaries on a perilous journey to japan to find their mentor.

Whatever it is, it’s free, and that makes it alright in my books. Most of the best things in life are simple and free and probably overlooked by the majority of us who are too busy getting nowhere fast. So, on that note, Ill bid you adieu as I go find some for my own contemplation. It’s a funny old world ….

Steve Roake.