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Two go by train – Celebrating the new Oxford to London Line

Finally after a couple of minor setbacks like having to completely rebuild an existing tunnel and not realising they needed planning permission to re-open an existing railway into Oxford, Chiltern Railways finally announced that the inaugural service between Oxford and London Marylebone would commence on Monday December 12th 2016. Chiltern Railways, our darling of the… Read More ›

The Tourists’ guide to Milton Keynes Part 1 – In search of the Concrete Cows

Pork Pie Friday is when days out are oft dreampt up so thus it was that as we had already decided not to have another Tracklements’ day on account we did that last year we did rather feel a Grand Day Out was long overdue. This was supported by the fact that we’d missed out… Read More ›

A Tram back in time – Steve Roake

It’s a Friday in early October, and that means the annual pilgrimage to the One Man Meet, hosted for the second year in a row at Tissington Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The iconic countryside with Dales and Valleys coupled with stone walled fields and picture book pretty villages appeal to hopper pilots who love to bob… Read More ›

A Great Day Out – the British Hovercraft Museum by Steve Roake

Situated in a group of Disused Ex Naval Hangers on the edge of Lee on Solent airfield at the former HMS Daedalus, is a classic example of British heritage that deserves more recognition than it currently gets. The British Hovercraft Museum is a shining example of British engineering skills spanning the last 50 years that… Read More ›

Pregnant Peg – A Norfolk Liberator

“Kettle on? Ere boy, now this’ll interest you. Got it at a Charity Shop. There’s a bit in it about a Liberator that was repaired using a telegraph pole!” He has a knack does Trevor for finding the unlikely in the unknown and this was a classic example, a little book all about RAF Watton… Read More ›

Schwabisch Hall – Hessental and the Messerschmitt Me262

Now talk about old Second World War Airfields in the the UK and you’ll find none more informed than our Trevor. He has visited and researched more airfields from the period than anyone knew there were so last time we went out to Germany I took a leaf out of his book and once more… Read More ›

Hot Foot and Toby Time – The C3 HobGoblin

Earlier this year we had a bit of a chuck out and dfa in the Commercial Stores section of the workshop. Commercial Stores is the grand CAA name given to the area where you keep the stuff of dreams and usefulness that is neither quarantined nor released. Bit of a treasure trove really, anyway I… Read More ›

Reality Check – Famous Six go to Bekonscot

Passing by, as he does from time to time around half five just as the door is closing and we head for a beverage and pork pies, Nick Godfrey managed to time a jaunt to The Swan perfectly. Talk turned to Albury and model railways. Godders now has a grandson and generally they are second… Read More ›

Brian Boland’s Old and Rusty Collection

[A Steve Roake report] Visitors to this site will know the affinity we all show towards all things old and rusty. The articles are normally informative, quirky and always a pleasure to read, so in the spirit of the sentiment, and having just returned from a Hopper festival in Post Mills Vermont USA, I have… Read More ›

Tales of Two Old Men (and an even older Auster) – Flying the British Coastline

When Steve Farrant told us he’d gone and flown round Britain in his old WWII Auster we reckoned that was just the best thing to have gone and done. As small people my brother and I had quite a few flights in the London Transport Flying Club’s Auster, G-AJAC, jammed in the rear seat (read… Read More ›