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News Update 25.09.17 – Ultramagic Service Bulletins

Ultramagic Service Bulletins SB 01/07 and SB 02/17 The latest batch of Flight Manual Supplement updates from Ultramagic also includes two Service Bulletins. SB01/17 and SB02/17, both were issued on 19 September 2017. SB01/07 concerns Vincke liquid fuel hoses in both three eighth (marked 1106 on the hose) and half inch (marked 1108 on the… Read More ›

Tess’s Trafalgar Day (plus one)

Why Trafalgar Day plus one? Well we missed celebrating it this year on account that we were too busy. As luck would have it though, it was Tessa Tennant’s birthday on 22nd October, the next day, and, as it turned out, a bit of a victory against the odds. Obvious then. Who is Tessa Tennant?… Read More ›

The Tourists’ guide to Milton Keynes Part 1 – In search of the Concrete Cows

Pork Pie Friday is when days out are oft dreampt up so thus it was that as we had already decided not to have another Tracklements’ day on account we did that last year we did rather feel a Grand Day Out was long overdue. This was supported by the fact that we’d missed out… Read More ›

One in the eye – Disown Dis-Ability and Fly

Getting through life with all your attributes intact is tricky enough especially if you then go and do something out of the ordinary but to do it with what is rather awkwardly labelled a ‘disability’ is something rather different. Aidan Murphy has one eye. Does he reckon he is disabled? Not likely. Here’s what he… Read More ›

Austerity –My least favourite word- by Steve Roake

Let’s face it, we are at the end of the year and a time when we reflect on what the year has produced. “Austerity” has a lot to answer for. Everyone blames not doing stuff on the word, I really hate it, it “grinds my tits”! I even went as far as looking up the… Read More ›

Hot Foot and Toby Time – The C3 HobGoblin

Earlier this year we had a bit of a chuck out and dfa in the Commercial Stores section of the workshop. Commercial Stores is the grand CAA name given to the area where you keep the stuff of dreams and usefulness that is neither quarantined nor released. Bit of a treasure trove really, anyway I… Read More ›

Reality Check – Famous Six go to Bekonscot

Passing by, as he does from time to time around half five just as the door is closing and we head for a beverage and pork pies, Nick Godfrey managed to time a jaunt to The Swan perfectly. Talk turned to Albury and model railways. Godders now has a grandson and generally they are second… Read More ›

The Great HS2 Sale

HS2 have finally cast their hand and we have to go pretty post-ockta Proctor. Too many balloons and stuff here so some of it has to go. Check out our Items for Sale page – we’ll be adding more stuff there as we go along.

For sale – updates!

New Inspectors added!