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News Update 25.09.17 – Ultramagic Service Bulletins

Ultramagic Service Bulletins SB 01/07 and SB 02/17
The latest batch of Flight Manual Supplement updates from Ultramagic also includes two Service Bulletins. SB01/17 and SB02/17, both were issued on 19 September 2017.

SB01/07 concerns Vincke liquid fuel hoses in both three eighth (marked 1106 on the hose) and half inch (marked 1108 on the hose) diameter hoses manufactured between March 2014 and April 2016. Small leaks close to the crimped ends have been found. The date of manufacture can be found stamped on the hose fitting itself. The SB is categorised as Mandatory however until and if an Airworthiness Directive is issued it is actually Highly Recommended. Replacement of affected hoses must be made before 18 December 2017. There is a exemption to immediate replacement which requires the pilot to check for leaks using soapy water or leak detector fluid as part of the pre-flight check prior to flight and enter the details in the logbook accordingly. We would advise that if you have the affected hoses fitted then you get them changed tout suite! In addition to the hoses you will also need to order new Dowty seals. We have had no notice from Ultramagic concerning traceability through Form 1s so visual inspection is the only way to be sure. Please note that vapour hoses are not affected, this only applies to liquid hoses. Any problems please contact your inspector or give us a call.

The second, SB02/17 concerns the Tekno baskets fitted with optional external cylinder fittings. This is more of a caution re-enforcing the issue of Flight Manual Supplement 39 issue 10 (more further down). Basically they are saying that if external cylinder fittings are fitted then they must be used. If they are not to be used and the cylinders carried internally then they must be removed prior to flight. This affects Tekno baskets CT-01, CT-02 and CT-03. This is also classed by Ultramagic as Mandatory but the same rules apply and it is really Highly Recommended. This is presumably to prevent damage to the bottom brackets going un-noticed if the cylinders are not fitted and the risk to crew from getting snagged on the brackets or clips fitted to the outside of the basket, but as Ultramagic are not specific about the reasons then we may be way off mark! For inspection purposes, if external fittings are used they must be present at the time of inspection.

As far as the other Flight Manual Supplement updates are concerned, Supplement 39 Issue 10 (39/10), in addition to the requirements not to have unused external fittings, also adds the Mk32 double to baskets CT-02 and CT-03.

An all new Supplement 54 issue 1, dedicated to external fuel cylinders has been added. This covers baskets CT-0 to CT-03. Apart from the use of external cylinders it states that only Ultramagic M20, M20D, M30 and M30D cylinders can be used. This somewhat contradicts 39/10 which mentions Worthingtons. We will seek clarity Clarence! It also reminds users that the maximum basket load for the Teknos must not exceed that engraved on the basket plate or 650kg.

For those across the pond notice is also made that the US Ultramagic Flight Manual has now gone to Issue 8 (FAA) and their Supplement 39 has gone to Issue 5. SB01/07 SB02/17