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Welcome 18.04.16

Hello to you from a rather wet Wendover and thanks for calling by. This past month has been a bit like the Oxford Ring Road, all full of promise and no delivery! Having said that we are all smiles as we seem quite busy with inspections and winter repairs coming in which is much appreciated. Visitors have included Karle and Gaby from Germany on their way to drop off a cloudhopper and a yoghurt pot and RAC van which, it has to said, is far too big. How did we cope with all those special shapes? Flying wise it has been not that brilliant. [more…]

Welcome 06.03.16

A very, very warm hello to you and thanks for visiting. We are still looking after the airworthiness of hot air balloons and lucky enough to be doing all sorts of exciting and interesting things. Although the year has started slowly it isn’t unexpected but despite that we have had some really nice visits that have turned into mini socials. [more…]

Welcome 21.01.16

A belated but very Happy New Year to you and we trust you had a lovely time and Father Christmas came up trumps or at least the he left it to you to finish off the beer and mincepies on Christmas Eve. Dotty had a fine old time in the pub as usual, dressing for the occasion and enjoying her Christmas pint. Our year has started quite slowly as is customary but we have a bit of work coming in. Fortunately we managed to get the electric back eventually but by then we’d well started winding down! Nearly forgot to say that despite appearances we are actually a bunch of folk who look after the continued airworthiness of balloons various including all the paperwork and pay the Civil Aviation Authority (lovely people) a heap of folding for the privilege. That’s that out the way.[more…]

Welcome 22.12.15

If you’ve not been here before a very warm Christmassy welcome to you and thanks for calling by. Although a company dedicated to the ongoing airworthiness and maintenance of hot air balloons we do have other rather bizarre and varied interests which you will find dotted about in the form of articles of lurking in the news. We have had a very troubled year or two trying to engage HS2 and stay in the workshop and thanks to our local MP David Lidington and his assistant Kiernan Sinclair and some very hard work by our new land agent Jamie Willis we are still here. Yippee. [more …]

Welcome 07.11.15

If you’ve not been here before a very warm welcome. We are a Maintenance Organisation looking after the Airworthiness and general wellbeing of hot air balloons but, as we have rather eclectic interests, apart from balloon information and balloony type articles and information there are some articles various on all sorts of things. It seems to have a been a very long time since we updated the site this time round and for that we apologise. The reason is that we have been rather pre-occupied with our fate at the workshop and fighting HS2 and their solicitors to try and ensure we can stay put. It is a long story and one day we’ll write a book about it but suffice to say that for the moment our local MP Mr David Lidington and his good offices have come to the rescue in a remarkable way and for now it seems we may be staying. We would like to thank you all for your support and offers of help which have been most appreciated. Thankyou. Hopefully we can get a bit of normality back very soon. [more …]

Welcome 30.08.15

Its nearly September and nearly back to school! Not sure what happened to my good intentions to get another Welcome and News out by mid-August but it didn’t happen. Just too much other stuff to do outdoors you see. I don’t really do indoors. Apologies but having now received a few emails starting “Are you still there?’ best I get on with it. Just to remind you and welcome newcomers to the site, despite first appearances and article content we are in fact a Continuing Airworthiness Organisation looking after all things hot air balloons including mending them and sorting out the paperwork for them. That covers that then. [more…]

Welcome 14.07.15!

Welcome to the House of Fun and you are truly most welcome. You have arrived at Easy Balloons and for those that haven’t a clue what you have got into we look after, mend and fettle hot air balloons under a Part M EASA thingy. Now that is out the way we can move forward in a positive way. For us, well me, June has been truly lovely and stuff has come and gone and we have had a fine old time. Like most in the jolly world of ballooning we haven’t managed to get many flights in during June on account that the weather has been less than helpful. Seems we have just had to turn up, look at the sky and hope for the best then go to the pub most occasions. [more …]

Welcome 02.06.15

Big apologies to one and all but huge greetings nonetheless. This is probably the longest we have gone without a freshen up of the pages, mind you we did have a bit of a run on the Lindstrand closed news! Before we blah-blah on about this and that if this is your first visit we are actually a company that looks after the Continuing Airworthiness of Hot Air Balloons of all shapes and sizes including mending and servicing all the various bits and bobs that make them work. That’s got that out the way. We have been having a fine old time not least as we celebrated St George’s Day in fine style in lovely sunshine outside the George and Dragon which is on Quainton Village Green, in the additional company of our Barry and Pauline who none of you will probably know but she did, as usual, try and sell me something. A coffee shop this time! Quite a timeless place Quainton, quaint even, made lovely by our first sight of house martins who had literally just arrived. Now the swallows and swifts are everywhere and it is as far removed from warm and sunny as it can be. [more …]

Welcome 22.04.15

A very happy sunny Spring to you and thanks for calling by. We are, as we always explain, an Organisation that looks after all aspects of the Continued Airworthiness of hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes all over the place and a very nice privileged job it is as well. We are very fortunate that we get to meet a most eclectic mix of happy people and this we hope is reflected in the website meaning you’ll find all sorts of stuff here so please have a look around. Time as slipped past at an alarming rate this month or so. HS2 is moving apace as far as we are concerned and we are now looking to try and stay on here for a while. Let’s hope they are understanding! [more … ]

Welcome 15.03.15

Greetings pop pickers and a very warm spring-like welcome to you. Thanks for dropping by. If you are here on the pretext that you thought we offered cheap balloon flights, apologies but we don’t and direct you to our page on ‘Ride Operators’ to your left. What we do is look after the airworthiness of all types, shapes and sizes of hot air balloons along with all the paraphanalia that goes with them. We loosely refer to it as a job but actually it isn’t really, its just something we enjoy doing. Its true to say it is very seasonal and this season has been no different but things are stirring the fields are drying and the passenger balloons have been dusted down and we hear some are flying. Likewise as the weather improves and everyone that has gone off for a long weekend flying in Europe is now fed up with cold and snow so they are now settling into a bit of home flying again. [more … ]