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Welcome 04.03.2018

Greetings from what was a very seasonal Bucks. Well that was February then. It came and went and got wet, windy, cold and generally February. There were a couple of slots for the odd flight but to be honest, with the ground being so wet it was more by luck than judgement. Actually we have been busier than we thought but did finally decide it was cold enough to knock it on the head middle of last week. If this is your first visit then we are still mainly a Continuing Airworthiness Organisation mending and looking after hot air balloons but we do much more. Hours are still Wednesday to Friday but if its urgent email us. [ more…]

Welcome 29.01.2018

Crikey, done it. Been trying hard to ensure that we keep up to date with the site in 2018. So far so good then. A very big hello if you have just dropped by and a warm welcome to our webbywotsit. We are really a Continued Airworthiness Organisation looking after hot air balloons but obviously do, like our patrons, have other interests so, in the main articles and news you will find a wealth of diversity! Traditionally January is quiet time for us with the ground wet to water-logged and many balloonists venturing abroad to both hot and cold climes so until the end of February we will be open Wednesday to Friday but if its an emergency or urgent please drop an email to [more…]

Welcome 29.12.2017

A very belated Happy Christmas and a nearly belated very best wishes for a very happy and peaceful 2018. A huge thankyou to all your custom during the past year. It has been a tricky one for us as our lease was again up for renewal with HS2 but I’m pleased and relieved that we have an agreement for another two years albeit with a six month break clause, just in case they decide they want to knock the farm down!

Apologies though as, for some strange reason, I have managed to neglect the news, views and interviews bit of the website. [more …]

Welcome 26.06.2017

Greetings to you all. In case you forget we are really a continuing airworthiness organisation looking after hot air balloons and balloon ride operators but get involved in all sorts of other stuff. Now that’s out the way its quite extraordinary in that we seem to have missed out putting anything up, apart from a couple of updates of an airworthiness nature one of which, Cameron Service Bulletin SB25, affects owners of Lindstrand Titanium Cylinders and has already caused a bit of a furore, more in the latest News 26.06.2017. The last time we scribbled was during Amazing April which, as it happened, was. Sadly we leap-frogged Magical May and now are just catching the end of Jolly June which has been full of stuff including John going away for nigh-on four weeks but he is back now and we are pretty busy to be honest. [more …]

Welcome 03.04.17

March was truly Marvellous and now we are in Amazing April and its sunny, the leaves are all a-bursting from the buds and the Yellow Brimstones are a-flitting about. Love it. Apologies if you have been telephoning or emailing and haven’t had a response last week only we were walking, like you do. Yes we are all back safe and sound from our epic (for me!) walk to Avebury. It nearly didn’t happen for Polly as she managed to lose a back claw on the Friday which we didn’t discover until Saturday! Come Monday she clearly wasn’t up to it but did come and see us off. She did join us on Tuesday and went from Cadsden to Avebury and was truly fantastic. We reckon we did 90 miles and she probably did 150![more …]

Welcome 06.03.17

Well, there you go, be amazed, doesn’t seem like a month has passed since we last put pen to tip tap pad. By the time this gets finished though it probably will be! Seager mentioned, the other day, that, we don’t use enough commas so, best I use a pile up early on, just to keep him happy. Jolly January came and went and now fantastic February has passed into recent history and we are facing Marvellous March. My resolve in this being a fine year remains undimished, or undiminished, whatever. For those turning up for the first time, you are most welcome and we hope you have a pleasant and hopefully cheery visit (forgot the commas there then!). [more …]

Welcome 03.02.17

Be amazed, nearly got this up on time. Been a bit hickledepickledly of late. Need more daylight I reckon. A very warm welcome to you and thanks for checking out the site. Hopefully there should be some fresh stuff up (see paragraph two!). We have had a short burst of busyness recently but mainly it is the still the quiet time of the year for us which means other stuff should get done. Sadly we managed not to get to the Icicle, the Black Horse AGM or the London Region meeting to see Rob Bayly’s brilliant talk and slide show on ballooning over London on account of Jane’s dad and carers but all is now pretty much sorted and we did get to the Chiltern Region social in Lavenden which was very well attended and the grub very good. [more…]

Welcome 09.01.17

Here we are back again and a very belated very, very Happy New Year to you all and a sincere thankyou to you all for your custom and support last year. In a year where there seems to be even less ballooning than ever before, not least assisted by the weather, it was very much appreciated. We did manage to get a long overdue trip down to Devon and Cornwall to visit my aged Auntie Pam and talk about writing up my Uncle John’s flying story which will be pretty exciting. Naturally advantage was taken to visit me favourite pub, The Red Lion in Clovelly. Its great in the winter as there are no tourists! We are currently having a big rethink about opening times until the season gets going but please be assured if you need anything sorting then please call in the normal way, Tuesday to Friday, or drop a mail to either or I will try and keep me mobile close by and turned on during office hours. If all else fails try which is manned by Jane! [more …]

Welcome 12.11.16

So much for the good intentions of getting back to updating the site monthly again then. Clearly been too nice to be stuck indoors and the daily trogging over hill and down dale with Polly the Collie is proving most theraputin unlike ride-on mowers. Anyway a most warm welcome and thanks for checking us out. We took a whizz over to Ireland to visit Aidan Murphy and partake of the black stuff with Leo Forde and more recently to Bremen which is a truly lovely place, a bit of a miniature York but with trams. Bazzer and I eventually met up in Oxford to partake of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a write up will follow. [more…]

Welcome 05.09.16

Well blow me odd socks orf with a sea breeze, just realised that it is some considerable time since we last put up the news and the rest, although we have posted a couple of articles up in the meantime (a fine Greenwich Brewery brew). I’m pleased to report that we are still here and still taking care of the ongoing maintenance repair and general mending of all things balloony. The reasons we have been away have been somewhat involved and taken a fair amount of time but hopefully they are all finally resolved in a most satisfactory way.. [more …]