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A beginners guide to Albuquerque – To do or not to do

Andrew Kaye has flown a very large pile of special shaped balloons amounting to lots of kilos and, having spent his first season flying passenger ride balloons, has now gone off to Australia to fly over Melbourne but before he went he decided he really ought to take The Doll to Albuquerque and fulfil a… Read More ›

September at Naburn Lock

From the Pennine Region’s smashing super Jan Mitchinson (vice chairman no less) comes this report on their recent very popular Naburn Lock Meet that went head to head with the Grass Roots Meet. Summer decided to perform an encore for PRBA’s September meet, after a couple of weeks of mainly wet and cool weather. Family… Read More ›

Third time Lucky – Sackville 2013

We had already booked a visit to Pete Bish’s Emporium on Friday 20th September and as Jane’s elderly dad had gone down with a touch of a bug when the call came through that Grassroots was a go-go it looked like it was touch and go for us but, as it ‘appened, we managed to… Read More ›

News update 18.09.13 – Sackville is a GO-GO

If you aren’t in the loop so’s to speak then the news from Sackville Launch Control is that the forecast for this weekend currently looks good so they are calling the event ON. Pilots attending please note the following: All pilots should register in the marquee before flying. Briefing times: Friday 1600, Saturday 0630/1600 and… Read More ›

News Update 05.09.13. Grass Roots

Please note the emergency notice from Team Grassroots which we reckon is a good decision not least because we couldn’t have done Friday or Sunday. As a first time ever camper, Lenny Vaughan is mortified however as he was looking forward to Christening his new tent. Team Sackville issued a hi-level press release that read……. Read More ›

Tivvy comes out tops – Happy flying by Helen Bray.

Ever since Arthur Street’s Communications Company sponsored the 1988 British National Championships held at the old East Devon College, Tiverton, he has been involved in Balloon Meets all over the place. His Ride Business, Aerosaurus Balloons, had been the Balloon Activity Directors on behalf of The Lions Club of Tavistock and Tavistock Round Table for… Read More ›

No White Horses just blue skies – PRBA Thirsk Meet

We had sun, we had film crews, we had flights, we had a solo and check out, we had carry outs, and we had cake. All in all it was a thoroughly pleasant, active weekend with good times logged in the memory bank, writes Elaine Smith. We had planned a lot of things to be… Read More ›

Henge Hoppers Meet – Yurts and Zorbing included

Henge Hoppers Meet – Yurts and Zorbing included When the note came through of the Pennine Region’s planned Henge Meet muppethad me didn’t quite cotton on to the location or meaning of the name. The Meet was held at Camp Hill a fantastic sort of outdoor centre not that far from the strangely little known… Read More ›

Good sports – The Bedale Meet 2013.

Bedale is heralded as the ‘Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales’, and a very fine town it is to especially as its railway station is served by the Wensleydale Railway and the Black Sheep Brewery is just down the road! It is also host to the Bedale Balloon Meet based at the local Bedale Sports Club…. Read More ›

Icicle really Nicicle – Icicle Meet 2013

For a balloon meet to have been run on a purely amateur basis by a private balloon group, without a break, for 41 years is an amazing achievement but amazing is what The Icicle always is. Whether its frosty-chilly-cold or blown-sideways-rained-out balloonists and enthusiasts come for miles to enjoy a very relaxed social gathering and… Read More ›