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News Update 05.09.13. Grass Roots

Please note the emergency notice from Team Grassroots which we reckon is a good decision not least because we couldn’t have done Friday or Sunday. As a first time ever camper, Lenny Vaughan is mortified however as he was looking forward to Christening his new tent. Team Sackville issued a hi-level press release that read….

“The weather forecast has deteriorated overnight so unusually we are reversing our decision the hold the meet this weekend. Therefore we are rolling the event. We will send out an email next Wednesday as to the likelihood of holding the event over the weekend 13-15 September.

We trust you understand this situation – it has been a difficult for us, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kind regards Team Sackville”

So if you turn up at Sackville you’ll be on your own(ish).

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