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Jenksie goes North (just!) – Charming Chatsworth

A firm favourite, and an invitation meet at that, Chatsworth is certainly a jewel in the ballooning year especially when the sun shines and the bagpipers are quiet. Having had something else to do, these past few years, Dave Jenks decided 2015 was the year to return. This is how he nearly didn’t! Don’t worry… Read More ›

News Update 09.09.15 – Sackville is Go!

Grass Roots is a Go-Go – Three greens for Sackville 2015 Grass Roots is officially on and the airfield is getting ready to welcome all-comers. Its going to be a busy weekend with lots to do and see without the need to leave the village of Riseley! Everyone interested in balloons at whatever level is… Read More ›

New meets and events added!

Joy in Joure and no wet feet – The Joure Balloon Festival 2015

This year was the 30th Joure Balloon Festival held, appropriately, in the town of Joure in the Netherlands. Joure is to the north east of Amsterdam and not very far from the remains of the Zuyder Zee, now just two large expanses of water, The Ijsselmeer and The Markermeer with plenty of other smaller lakes… Read More ›

Never mind the weather – still a great Bowes and Bells Meet

Despite the weather being less than favourable the new venue for the Bowes and Bells Meet this year made up for it. Elaine Smith kindly put pen to paper and explained that just because all was not Spring-like light winds and misty mornings a fine time was had by all. As we, the Pennine Region… Read More ›

Bath and Balloons – Bath Balloon Fiesta 2015

There aren’t many places that are as inspiring as Bath. The architecture and history of the place is fantastic and the opportunity to fly from one of the parks or from in front of the beautiful Royal Crescent makes the Bath Balloon Fiesta one that shouldn’t be missed. This year they managed a couple of… Read More ›

The 2015 Icicle Melts – end of an era?

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later as all good things eventually come to an end so it was that on Sunday 4th January 2015 during the prize-giving at the end of this year’s 43rd Icicle Meet Pete Bish on behalf of the Dante Group called time on this much-loved meet. I have… Read More ›

From the Horse’s mouth – Rob Cross on The Sackville experience

This year’s seventh (yes seven!) annual Ultramagic UK Grass Roots Balloon Meet got off to a great start when we were able to call it on the first scheduled weekend. The forecast was kind and the synoptic situation leading to the weekend of 5-7 September kept improving. Tim Wilkinson and family at Sackville were kindly… Read More ›

Little Ships and Sackville Fun – Great times at Grassroots 2014

If you want to find out what the attraction of ballooning is all about then Team Sackville’s Grass Roots Meet is the place to go and, despite not exactly the clearest of weather, it turned out to be every bit as good as it always is. Ballooning has been in the doldrums over the past… Read More ›

Top times at Tivvy 2014 and One Man’s Meet

Aerosaurus sponsored the first Tiverton Balloon Festival in 1988 on the same site as is currently used, when Tiverton hosted the BBAC National Championship. It was a great event although I’m not sure we ever found out who were competing and who were fiesta-ing! We came last without getting any penalty points but that is… Read More ›