Balloon Repair Station

News Update 15.09.16

Greatly Wonderous British Long Jump
Couple of bits we meant to put into the last news but got missed! In case you had forgotten the Great British Long Jump kicks off on 1st October the idea being to fly as far as you can within the confines of the British Isles, yup that includes Ireland north and south as it happens. A great competition and not one you need take too seriously as past exploits testify to. Everyone is welcome and the size of balloon doesn’t matter

But you will probably run out of daylight or land if you opt for a 400! Tactics include keeping your flight details secret! Entry fee is £50.00. Entry form from Old and Rusty Robin Batchelor via the website

There is a presentation bash afterwards along with prizegiving. Read some of the previous reports and be inspired.

One Man Meet
Returns to Tissington (nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire) again this year as it was such a great venue last year! The dates are 7th-9th October. There are plenty of B&Bs in the area and a great place to go sightseeing from. Entry forms have been sent out to those on the list but apparently some have not got through the interweb. If you have not received it (and it has not disappeared into your spam box) or want to go, please email John Tyrrell and Wendy Rousell at and I will forward the email and form to you. That makes no sense at all! They will send the email and form to you, Hove actually!  Great fun guaranteed.