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News Update 16.08.16

CAP 747 goes to Issue 3 Amendment 2016/01

That mighty and historic tome CAP 747 has now gone up a notch to Issue 3 Amendment 2016/01. CAP 747 covers Annex II aircraft. If you have never seen it then it is worth a look, especially Section 1 Part 2 which reads like the old Airfix catalogue. It makes reference to such icons as the Comper Swift, DC3, Westland Lysander and even the Messerschmitt 109 which, being German, you would have expected to be EASA! Steve Charlish’s Auster is in there along with the Gipsy Major engine.

The updates are to Section 1 Part 1 ‘Introduction and Guide to Use’. Section 1 Part 2 comprising the Products List and an update to Section 1 Part 3 the Sources of Data.
The Sources of Data now advises that ‘Links to foreign NAA websites are listed on the Airworthiness Directives webpage of the CAA website’, which is handy. Additionally UK CAA AD: G-2015-0001R1 which refers to the Kidde Graviner Automatic Fire Extinguishers has been added.

Generic Requirement (GR) number 10, Painting of Aircraft’ has been re-written and GR17 (variable pitch propellers) and GR24 permitting some engines to be run beyond the manufacturer recommendation has been updated. This is the notice that EASA have introduced the “Minimum Inspection Programme” (MIP) under European Regulation 2015/1088. Owners of EASA aircraft which qualify for the use of the MIP and who elect to self-declare their programme under the provisions of that regulation do not need to comply with this GR. Sadly unless they are installed in a powered glider all Rotax engines are still not covered by the GR so airship operators please take note.

CAP 747 is available to view online at Enjoy.