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News update 27.07.16

EASA AD 2016-0151 Issued
Issued on 26 July 2016 and published on 27 July 2016 is this Airworthiness Directive EASA AD 2016-0151 relating to fuel hoses supplied by Kubicek Balloons using EGEFLEX material. Inspection to determine if an affected hose is fitted must be made within 14 calendar days of the effective date of the AD (09 August 2016) and all affected hoses must be replaced before the next flight. Below is the text of the EASA AD. It applies to all the listed manufacturers as the hose type could be fitted to other manufacturers’ balloons. In the case of Annex 2 balloons check the burner assembly to ensure the affected hose type has not been fitted. If the hose type has not been fitted then the details need entering in the ‘ADs Not Applicable’ bit in the back of the logbook with the reason ‘Not fitted’. To see the full details of this Publication, please click or copy the following: URL:

ATA 28 – Fuel – Burner and Fuel Hoses – Identification / Replacement

ZO Svazarmu, Aviatik Klub, Aerotechnik P.O.S., Aerotechnik s.r.o, Aerotechnik Podnik ÚV Svazarmu, Altisph’air, Annonay Air Concept, Ballons Libert Sprl, Ballons Chaize, Ballonservice & Technik, Balóny Kubícek spol. s.r.o., Cameron Balloons Ltd, Colt Balloons, Firma Johann Schön, Kubícek spol. s.r.o., Lindstrand Balloons Ltd (LBL), Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Ltd, Llopis Balloons, Pilatre De Rozier S.I.G.A. S.A., Schroeder fire balloons GmbH, Sky Balloons, Thunder Balloons, Thunder & Colt, Ultramagic S.A., Lindstrand Technologies Ltd.

Note: The above list of manufacturers (some companies no longer exist) may not be complete, due to lack of historical data. In case a balloon manufacturer’s name is not listed, that does not mean that this AD does not apply to that balloon – see the Applicability below.

All balloon types and models, as specified in the referenced TCDS listed above, all serial numbers, if equipped with a Kubicek Burner with fuel hoses made of “EGEFLEX” material.

Three propane leaks were reported in the recent past on a burner manufactured by Balóny Kubícek spol. s.r.o., equipped with the fuel hoses made of hose material “EGEFLEX”.
This condition, if not detected and corrected, could result in a fire, damaging the balloon and its envelope, ultimately leading to an emergency landing, with consequent injury to balloon occupants and persons on the ground.
To address this potential unsafe condition, Balóny Kubícek spol. s.r.o. (the hose assemblies’ manufacturer) published Service Bulletin (SB) N° BB/50, BB-S/11, AB24 rev.1, which provides instructions for replacement of the affected fuel hoses with an improved part. As the affected burner and related fuel hoses can easily be installed on other hot air balloons, this AD applies to all possibly affected type designs.
For the reasons described above, this AD requires identification and replacement of the affected fuel hoses.
Required Action(s) and Compliance Time(s):
Required as indicated, unless accomplished previously:

(1) Within 14 calendar days after the effective date of this AD, inspect the balloon to verify whether Kubicek fuel hose made of “EGEFLEX” material is installed.
(2) If, during the inspection as required by paragraph (1) of this AD, an affected fuel hose is found to be installed, before next flight, replace the fuel hose in accordance with the instructions of Kubicek Balloons N° BB/50, BB-S/11, AB24 rev.1.
(3) From the effective date of this AD, do not install on any hot air balloon a Kubicek fuel hose made of “EGEFLEX” material.
Ref. Publications:
Kubicek Balloons SB N° BB/50, BB-S/11, AB24 rev.1 dated 12 May 2016.

If requested and appropriately substantiated, EASA can approve Alternative Methods of Compliance for this AD. Based on the required actions and the compliance time, EASA have decided to issue a Final AD with Request for Comments, postponing the public consultation process until after publication.
Enquiries regarding this AD should be referred to the EASA Safety Information Section, Certification Directorate. E-mail: For any question concerning the technical content of the requirements in this AD, please contact: BALÓNY KUBÍČEK spol. s r.o., Telephone +420 454 422 642, E-mail: Website: