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News update 06.03.15

Updates to Cameron Flight Supplements announced 05.03.15
Camerons have updated the following Flight Manual Supplements. To save you trolling through them this is a brief summary of the changes. If you use any of the equipment listed then you are strongly advised to update the flight supplement if you are using Flight Manual Issue10. If you are relying on an older Flight Manual then to benefit from the updates then you will need to download Flight Manual Issue 10-8 as well. If you are already confused then please drop us a mail or call. The changes are pretty much confined to sorting out and clarifying information and the lists and will make life a fair bit easier. For users of the Duo Chariot there have been some welcome additions to the equipment list and the Millenium hopper gets some well overdue flying wire assembly instructions, additional safety notes and a requirement to use 25mm jackets on aluminium cylinders. Nothing dramatic and all for the best. To download click on the link or go to Cameron’s website and go to .

Supplement 1: Special Shapes 10-8-1 Iss 29
Different approval information at top and more pages. Better, more concise burner requirements. Addition of Drop-180 shape to master list.

Supplement 8: Schroader Bottom Ends 10-8-8 Iss 7
Different approval information at top with more pages (intentionally blank page at the end added!). Minimum burner configuration changes, basket burner exception in the Basket/Burner list. Equipment list expanded. Optima IV triple listed as Category 3 burner for cross referencing.

Supplement 13: Duo Airchair 10-8-13 Iss4
Different approval information at top and, yes, more pages. Duo Chariot burner range expanded. CB8414 H40 horizontal cylinder added

Supplement 14: Cloudhopper Millennium 10-8-14 Iss5
Goes without saying, more pages. All aluminium cylinders must be fitted with 25mm outer, water resistant protective layer at least 25mm thick made from structural cellular foam or similar material. Emergency climb instructions using main and whisper burners simultaneously. Pilot light failure instructions added ‘WARNING: do not use the igniter built into the burner, as it will not ignite the fuel’. Light the burner with a match or other igniter. Basket and burner rigging clarification including a table of flying wire arrangements which is long overdue, nice one. Pre-Take off checks, ensure frame locking pins correctly fitted and secure.

Supplement 21: Special Baskets 10-8-21 Iss20
Different approval information at top more pages. Burner frame compatability list clarified. Information is now more specific.

Supplement 22: Out of Production Burners 10-8-22 iss4
Different approval information at top more pages Equipment list tied up and clarified. Much simpler and easier to understand. Magic.