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News update 25.02.15

CAP 747 Link updated shock horror
So there we were gaily clicking away and quoting this and that then being told that the CAP 747 amendment number was now 02, which we have already reported on because of the revisions in November 2014 which now mean that CAP 747 now provides a single source of mandatory information for continuing airworthiness as issued by the CAA but their point of reference to us appeared to still show it as 2014/01. Which is a long continuous sentence I think you’ll agree! Airworthiness Directives for Annex II aircraft published in CAP 476 are now included, those Airworthiness Directives issued by EASA have been removed and are available on the EASA website apparently but the CAA didn’t have appeared to have updated the site and then a very nice person said the link had changed which explained everything. Be nice if someone had put that in the press release! So please make sure if you using a link it is upto date. It should now be

Cameron and T&C parachute grab testing
Following on from the British Balloon & Airship Club’s Inspectors’ Day and following much discussion and a qualifying statement from Cameron Balloons’ Craig Moore, here is the definitive answer to the grab test requirement for parachute edges on Thunder & Colt and Cameron balloons. Currently it is worded in the Maintenance Manual, Issue 10-3 as, ‘For Cameron Balloons and Bristol Built T&C balloons (CN3445 and subsequent) the outer area of the parachute panel between the panel edge & the velcro tabs needs only to be grab tested to 21lb (9.5 kg) for the parachute to be fully airworthy’. Many can be forgiven for mis-interpreting this to mean that Cameron and T&C balloons after construction number CN3445 are the ones that can have the lower figure applied however what it actually means is that ALL Cameron balloons can have the lower figure applied and Bristol built T&C balloons with a construction number of CN3445 or higher can also benefit from the lower grab test figure including passenger ride balloons. Thus spake Craig Moore who we blamed for the poor grammar and suggested he reads ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’ but he was quick to point the finger at Barrie Bower, bless. Whatever, they will take a squint at the problem next time they amend the Maintenance Manual.