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News Update 09.12.13

Ultramagic Flight Manual and flight Manual Updates 09.12.13.
The Manuals and TCDS page has been updated. 09.12.13.

The current Ultramagic Flight Manual has been updated to Edition 04 Revision 22. There are also updates to some of the Flight Manual Supplements the most important being Supplement 19 which replaces Supplements 4, 6, 12, 13 and 24 which referred to the use of ‘Other Manufacturers’ Equipment’. This combines the various manufacturers into one Supplement. It also has a few changes to the existing equipment listed. Very good move Mr Ultramagic.

Flight Manual Ed.04, Rev.22. Changes are quite straightforward and amount to 11 pages in the main referring to the Supplement changes in relation to Other Manufacturers’ Equipment. Additionall there is a bit in 4.2 Inflation Site, 6.4.2. Temperature Sensors and in Appendix C the Pre-Flight Check which now includes checking that the fire extinguisher is fully charged.

Flight Manual Supplement Nr. 1, Iss.3 Tethered Flying. Limitations have been amended, Tether instructions amended The balloon should be attached by two ropes forming a V on the upwind side and two more ropes on the downwind side.

Flight Manual Supplement Nr. 9, Iss.4 Solo Duo Chairs. Addition of and, compatability with, S50 and S70 envelopes

Flight Manual Supplement Nr. 10, Iss.3 Disabled Pax basket. Introduction and use of the electric version of the passenger seat.

Flight Manual Supplement Nr. 19, Iss.6 Other Manufacturers’ Equipment. Everything now under this Supplement and very thorough it is to. It is to be used in conjunction with section 8.1 of the Flight Manual which lists the requirements that have to be met. As a result the contents of Flight Manual Supplements 4, 6, 12, 13 and 24 have now been removed from the lists and migrated to this single document, Flight Manual Supplement 19 Iss.6.

All the documents can be downloaded from the Technical Section on the Ultramagic website.
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Ballonbau Woerner Gas balloons EASA AD 2013-0293 issued
Although outside our remit the following Airworthiness Directive has been issued. Please ensure you pass it on to anyone you think may be using any of the gas balloon types listed.

AD 2013-0293 Amendment to Time Limits and Maintenance Checks for Ballonbau Woerner NL-STU/280, NL-STU/380, NL-STU/510, NL-STU/640, NL-STU/840 and NL-STU/1000 gas balloons, all serial numbers was issued on 09.12.13.

The AD has been issued after results of an analysis of NL-STU maintenance data revealed that the current inspection intervals are no longer adequate to ensure timely detection of deterioration or damage, which could affected the structural integrity of the balloon. This condition, if not detected and corrected, could lead to failure of balloon components or envelope, possibly resulting in loss of the balloon. To address this potential unsafe condition, Ballonbau Wörner developed new, more detailed and descriptive Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (at the same time separated from the Flight Manual) and issued Technische Mitteilung/ Technical Note EASA.BA.009-6 to inform all operators. For the reasons described above, this AD requires compliance with the updated Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. The effective date for this is 23rd

Please note that NL-STU gas balloons with serial number 1101 or higher will be delivered with the new Instructions for Continued Airworthiness dated November 2013.

Ballonbau Woerner publications downloadable from:

EASA 20130293 go to

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December 2013.