Balloon Repair Station

News update 14.11.13.

Ultramagic MM updates.                                                                                                                                                                            Ultramagic have issued a notice that their beloved Maintenance Manual has gone to Edition 04 Revision 17. The changes are amendments to Sections two and seven (rigging and load tapes primarily and revisions to Supplements 17 (issue2) and 18 (issue 3) which is the addition of the new Tekno baskets and Tekno 70 envelope. To download the new versions go to Maintenance Manual section on Ultramagic Balloons website which is at

Sneaky Schroeder TCDS update.Schroeder G-type Fire Balloons TCDS has nipped in with a change to BA.016 Issue 07. This was approved on 12/11/13 and even sneakier they have now given the S-types BA.010 a makeover and it has soared to 07. Also on 12/11/13.