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News update – Mandatory Service Bulletin from Ultramagic

News update – Mandatory Service Bulletin from Ultramagic SB 01/2013 16/04/13

Ultramagic have just issued a Mandatory Service Bulletin 01/2013. Bottom line is that it requires inspection of the burner frame centre tube on Ultramagic BMK-050 and MK-21 quad or triple burners with centre gimballing. This will involve dismantling the gimbal block and inspecting the section of tube hidden underneath. This was issued on 16th April 2013.

Ultramagic Service BulletinUltramagic has had two reports of broken centre tubes, probably caused by road transportation conditions outside of the requirements of Section 7.4 of the Flight Manual. The cracks occurred in the middle of the tube beneath the centre gimbal centre cap. The Service Bulletin (SB) is MANDATORY and must be carried out BEFORE the next flight.

Full details of the SB and instructions of the inspection procedure, which has loads of piccies to make it quite clear, can be found at