Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 15.04.13

welsh colin hippieHi and a very warm welcome if this is your first visit to our rather eclectic site and thanks for returning if you have been here before. Last time I sat typing stuff out it was snowing now its lovely albeit windy. The dafs and crocuses are out and finally the spring crops are in. The workshop seems to be full of stuff and projects are starting to arrive. We are really delighted to welcome David Barker (en Francais), Pete Donkin and Dave Such to the gang, more about them in the news and contact details in the ‘Inspectors in the field’ bit. With a growing spread of inspectors who can issue ARCs on our behalf we can now offer our services over a much larger area. For our existing customers Jane and Alice have probably already sent out reminders about your inspection and any cylinders that need love but if not as we are now into the next ten year cycle for cylinders best check the Proof Pressure dates which should be engraved on the top (or bottom) rim or possible on a sticker on the body. With the change in the requirement from Cameron Balloons we recommend changing the PRV at the same time as the pressure test however the test for most will come out much cheaper this time round as all the old style vent tubes, where required, have now been pretty well replaced for new longer ones.

This ‘edition’ includes an update on the Events pages and also a bit of a make-over on the Ride Operators bit to make it a bit more personable and we’ve added a bit about BABO and BOB in light of the Go Ballooning episode. There should be articles up in the next day or so from Steve Roake all about his new bike, or rather about his parting with his trusty old steed, an interesting piece (well we think so) concerning Old and Rusty balloonist Dave ‘Jenksie’ Jenkinson who won a balloon and whose dad got shot down and, if I can finish them, a report or two on recent outings. Lurking in the news is a bit of an update on Go Ballooning which becomes more interesting to everyone (except those who lost money) by the day as more rumours come out and just as we go to press news that Go Vouchers hath gorn as well. Hopefully we’ll get a resume of Barry’s successful Italian trip along with some piccies for next time but he assured me before he went that he would not be taking anything electronic so we’ll have to wait and see.

Over on the other side of the yard the workshop is now also crammed full with the arrival of another rusty bike to get back on the road and the 1955 New Hudson just awaiting its numberplate and a ping ping down the road. The DVLA have issued YUK which is spot on we reckon. All joking apart this could be the most reliable moped of the lot. Had a job choosing this editions piccie but On the Cover goes to our mate, balloonist Welsh Colin who shares G-BULF with Patrick Goss and once told me a brilliant story about a destroyer that fell over whilst in dry dock. We wonder, what is he on? Thanks again for visiting and please have a look round, we hope you have a chuckle. Best regards Chris, Jane and Alice.

Too late for STOP PRESS but if you’ve got an Ultramagic BMK-050 or Mk21 Quad or Triple burner best you have a gander at the latest Mandatory Service Bulletin 01/2013 from Ultramagic. Click on the thingy on the right entitled News Update 16/04/13. Thanks.