Balloon Repair Station

Welcome to Easy Balloons 15.09.12

A very very warm welcome to Easy Balloons and what a great time we’ve been having. Good news on the doorstep that EASA have amended, sorry, revised, the recent AD 2012-0142 to permit owner/operators to check for affected components being fitted. Check out the news update for full details. Any problems please give us a call or email.

On the going flying bit the Easy Balloons hopper has returned from its European trip with the Loughborough Crowd with only a minor hole and missing flag (they always fall out) and has since been giving rides at Sackville where it was last seen heading for Essex to do a tether at a school. When it returns we’ll have to try and have a go I it!! Meanwhile we had a great time at Sackville that delivered in its normal laid-back jovial way. A record number of balloons attended this year and it was truly brilliant. Grandson Charlie (4) had his first flight at Sackville along with our Alice and Jamie in the old Unipart 105, G-BWEW. There will be an article somewhere. On the workshop front we’ve had a fair few visitors through and much to the mirth and merriment we managed to get the Allen Scythe that came in running and proved that they are as dangerous as they ever were. Bit on that in the next day or so.

In case this is your first visit we are an Airworthiness Organisation dedicated to trying to keep EASA nonsense as simple as possible and through our EASA Part M Subpart F&G Organisation offer a simple way to keep your balloon airworthy. Please feel free to use the site. Most of the stuff is downloadable. If you need anything balloon or rusty related then please call or drop a line and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks again for visiting and we hope you enjoy the site.