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Welcome to Easy Balloons 21.07.12

Welcome to Easy Balloons 21.07.12.

Cor, only just get a freshly welcome out and all the news comes at once so a bit of a re-write needed. Good news is that Mark Stelling’s balloon along with the trailer has turned up and on top of this the weather seems to have taken a turn for the better at long last. John is more approachable as the conservatory is looking very nice and he is busy choosing rattan chairs and potted palms to decorate it. Great news for us and our northern customers is that John Till and Richard Tilson have come onboard and are now certified to inspect and issue ARCs on behalf of Easy Balloons saving many a long journey. Welcome aboard chaps. For their contact details please see the 18.07.12 edition of Easy News. In celebration we now have a list of inspectors in The Pages bit which will be added to in the near future. Also new to the Pages is ‘Items for sale’ check out the News for further details. Cameron owners please note the latest revision of the Cameron Flight Manual has just been issued and now stands at Issue10 Amendment 11 details in News.

On the Rusty side of things the New Hudson put-putted into life and was going for its MOT until we filled the tank with two-stroke and an old repair that seemed fine decided to give way and so tank is off and awaiting fumigating prior to welding. Not to be too down-hearted I decided to get the Mercette running properly and blow me down with a little persuasion all appeared fine and it made it up and down the road several times. That’s when I got brave and got to the High Street and back having been overtaken by two kids on mountain bikes. Never mind time to top up the tank and guess what, a pinhole so there are now two tanks awaiting the tiggy! Flight cylinders seem to be filling the workshop at the moment as its second time round for the early proof pressure tested ones already, doesn’t seem like ten years ago? We have had a couple of students around for the last few days on behalf of HS2 counting adders and bats, bit tricky with the grass being so long! When asked where is the wildlife going to moved to when the earth-movers start ripping a 100 metre wide slash across the field they didn’t seem to know but did say they hadn’t seen any lizards yet. We haven’t but don’t really like to tell them. Look at it this way, they love the job.

If this is your first visit a very warm welcome to you and thankyou for dropping in. This is Easy Balloons’ website as the name suggests and we specialise in trying to keep EASA nonsense as simple as possible. We are a fully paid-up EASA Part M Subpart F & G Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) looking after the needs of balloonists everywhere and trying to make it a bit simpler and cheaper for us all. There is a lot of serious reference stuff in the pages which we do our best to keep updated for the use of inspectors everywhere. Please feel free to make use of it. If you need anything balloon related then please call or drop a line and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks again for visiting and please have a saunter around.