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Easy News 21.07.12

Easy News 21.07.12

Big Ups

Mark Stelling’s balloon along with the trailer has been recovered by the local constabulary much to everyone’s, including Stumpy’s delight. After going into one and contacting every radio station, newspaper, helpline, chatting with rogues and rascals and sticking notes in newsagents windows across the far north of England the thieves must have come to the conclusion they were onto a loser and it was ‘found’. Mark was unable to comment coherently so we will await a report at a later date. He is most grateful for all the help and support he has had since his balloon (only flown once since purchase!) was stolen. “Thunk yup oil” he said from Ye Olde One Eyed Rat.

Yippee, two new places to visit on the Site

In line with the ongoing Forward Ho! of Easy Balloons we now have two more additions to the Pages, as I’m told they are called, but information stuff on the left hand side for us other mortals. The first is ‘Inspectors in the field’ which is where you can find details of our approved inspectors which is now starting to come together at last and the other is ‘Items for sale’. Further down this Newsy Section is an bit about our new inspectors which we are really pleased to announce. As more come a onboard in the next month or two then we will add them there.

We have a notice board in the workshop which people that visit can stick stuff for sale on and also often ask if we could put it on the website so here we go! Great suggestion, thanks. We rarely sell stuff ourselves choosing to use the Zebedee List which we recommend however we are happy to stick stuff in if required but categorically will not act as a store house or sell on behalf of anyone. So please ensure you provide contact details. There is no charge for the service.

Cameron Flight Manual Updates

Cameron Balloons have just updated their Flight Manaul to Issue 10 Amendment 11. Basically it adds the huge Z-750 and a correction to the classification of the Z-600 to AX-14 and use with R-type baskets only. Additionally basket types CB3060 and CB3081 have been deleted as they appear in Supplement 8.15 ‘disabled baskets’, the burner frame list has been updated and basket CB3550 added. The latest Flight Manual is available at

Inline with the update Supplement 8.6 “Lindstrand Bottom Ends” now includes the Panoramic Baskets bringing 8.6 to Issue4. Download from:

Supplement 8.21 “Special Baskets’ is updated to solve some recently highl-lighted CAMO issues and includes the addition of missing older baskets and burner frames not previously easily found!