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Re-kindling the Flames – a ripping yarn(Comments Off on Re-kindling the Flames – a ripping yarn)

December 16, 2012

Now before you go thinking that this should have come out before the article on the Joe Philp Fun Day, it should, but couldn’t as the whole thing was top secret. Visitors to the workshop were sworn to secrecy if they twigged what was being mended. Now the event is over we can finally release […]

Big Ben – Tylers Green Jubilee Beacon

So, midweek, sometime in April, we get a phone call from a bloke named Bill. We get calls from blokes named Bill fairly often, mainly though they are asking questions about balloon rides or whether we can build an arch out of multicoloured balloons for their daughter’s wedding in Basildon. Opening gambit this time though […]

Concorde flies again

Tim Orchard is a balloonist. He also holds the record for the fastest ever crossing of the Atlantic by commercial airliner (like with passengers sipping champagne on board and all that Henley-type stuff yah). He, along with Captain Leslie Scott and Senior Engineering Officer Rick Eades, managed to get their Concorde, G-BOAD, from New York […]

Robin Batchelor-the hidden bits bite back!

Many years ago whilst flying from the sadly missed Southampton Balloon and Flower Festival I was asked by Lenny Vaughan, then new to the ‘circuit’, about flying out of shows. I told him, quite seriously, that the take off should be as good as you can get it but the landing didn’t really matter as […]

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