Balloon Repair Station

Welcome 26.03.19

Ah Ha! big Hello’s but, now then, listen up, we are publishing this bit early for March as we will be too busy celebrating or commiserating about Brexit stuff. Actually its because we are having a bit of a pre-season break. I’m off from 26 March until 2 April to walk in Spain with Stewpot and Godders and then John is off from 4 April until the 9 April getting his chainsaw certificate. Please be aware that we will be closed until 9 April. I had planned to get the planned articles out early but time has won and so it won’t be until we return. Big apologies. Thus far March has been the windiest I can remember, walks in the Beechwoods have been most interesting with trees everywhere and the squirrels missing jumps left right and centre much to Polly’s delight after they spent two weeks taking the mick out of her being’s she was on a lead until the stitches came out. Then we had snow and had to stay in the Swan until the snowplough came and, more recently, spectacular hail. Now its all gone bonkers and the trees are greening up, primroses out and Bazzer reported bluebells in the garden of Blenheim Palace, his weekend retreat. I expect it will be lovely when we are away! HS2 have now moved on and left more litter than the pikeys. They were having a ‘Meet the Community’ afternoon in the Library Room so we went and met them. A nice bloke called Vernon Loo from HS2 (really) promised to get it sorted and, blow me down with a non-stop train, he has. We’ve had a bit of a busy time on and off this month and managed to clear up some long outstanding jobs meaning the workshop is looking quite tidy (relatively). I’m sure it will soon fill up again.

In the News this time is not much as it isn’t there as I haven’t finished it but will do upon my return when there will probably be more. Bless! When I do there will be a bit about a bloke getting fined for infringing Luton’s airspace an impressive four times in one go! Bit of a lesson to be learnt there. There’s a new book out about Freddie Laker who I reckon is a bit of a personal hero as far as I’m concerned. We had a rather interestingly nice, if not heavy, Kubicek bottom end in for inspection what we have writ up about a bit. Article-wise there will be an offering from Mr Roake on a very expensive watch and hopefully a piece on a treasure discovered by Trev, but that may have to wait as I’ve forgotten what it is.

In the Dark Barn biggest thing since last time is a right old lurch forward in roundtoits getting done. The Landcruiser is well on the way to being sorted having had the rear brakes apart and new handbrake shoes fitted. Next stop MOT and sell it. Bazzer has been gifted a rather nice proper old-skool bike lift but the lifting piston is done in. Hopefully it’s only the non-return valve so that’s in bits now! Attempts to replace the oil pump on the Thunderbird have been temporarily thwarted by a build up of stuff on the bench its standing on but fear not will be done on me return from Spanish Spain and in the meantime the bench will have Barry’s old Guzzi on it for stage one of a make-over. Well that was short and to the point so heads up we’ll have stuff up by the whatever in April. Now, where’s me factor seven and where is Valencia?

First piccie is the latest official Polly picture who is now four and waiting for lambing to be over! Cripes we’ve been mates for three years! Second is a taster of the Kubicek heavyweight basket (but it is neat … and finally a picture of some carriages from, think, the Isle of Wight railway in the very early sixties, but we may be wrong. Help required. All the best Crish, John, Jane and limpy Polly.