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News Update 11.01.17

London Region – Read all about it, Special Speaker, all welcome
The BBAC London Region has managed to have secured the services of Rob Bayly and have booked him to attend the next meeting of the London Region on Wednesday 25th January to give his presentation ‘CROSS LONDON BY BALLOON’ which he normally does on the cruise ships. His very informative, imaginative and superbly presented talk is described thus;

Take a stunning flight over the Capital’s magnificent landmarks. Pilot Rob Bayly has over-flown London in all five special permission mass balloon ascents and he takes you with him sightseeing while dodging low flying jets. Magnificent aerial photography and time-lapse video convey the appeal of flying amongst the high-rise towers, with nowhere to land. From the first ever balloon flight in England to the bold Victorian gas balloonists, London has always been an inviting challenge and now plans to host an annual hot air balloon spectacular.

The London Region would be delighted to see anyone from any of the regions, or those who would like to learn more about ballooning and how to get involved, who would like to attend. Details of the venue and meeting are that we meet in the room above The Calthorpe Arms in Grays Inn Road. There is plenty of on-street parking but don’t forget the Congestion Charge if you intend to drive although that shouldn’t be an issue as it stops at 18:00 and we meet between 19:00 and 19:30. Food at the pub is excellent and we normally eat first and then hear from our speaker.