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News Update 07.01.16


Cameron Service Bulletin SB32 – Lindstrand Toggle Valves

Cameron Balloons have issued Service Bulletin 23. This refers to the Lindstrand Toggle Valves and possible wear to the seat carrier which could result in the stem falling out and an uncontrollable escape of propane. The SB is Highly Recommended and should be carried out at the next annual/100hour inspection. This means that you need not get the inspection done until the next inspection falls due (even if you have just had one done) and it is not mandatory. Squeeze action valves are not affected. A mod kit has been produced. We would suggest that the inspection is of value and that in the interests of safety it would be sensible to fit the mod kit however, this does not have to be done immediately and again re-iterate that the inspection or the fitting of the kit is not currently mandatory.

Interestingly Camerons state that ‘At present there is no evidence of significant wear in the system’. We have never heard of a such a failure however a similar potential fault (which did include a failure) occurred with Thunder and Colt and Sky burners (reference Cameron Service Bulletins SB01 and SB10). Cameron Balloons have told us that this is a one-time inspection to ascertain if a problem does exist and to gather data to see if further action is needed. If excessive wear is found then the Service Bulletin may be raised to an Airworthiness Directive. If the modified parts are fitted then no further action will be required if it does become an Airworthiness Directive.

If you do strip down the valve assembly the seals must be replaced and, although not mentioned in the SB, we would advise that whilst the valve is apart the seat carrier ought to be replaced even if it is deemed serviceable. The seat carrier is not included in the mod kit as it has not been modified so needs to be ordered separately. As a matter of course we replace the seat carrier as part of the service to the valve so if we have carried out work to your Lindstrand burner valves then the affected component would have been replaced and the details entered in the logbook. Please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.

The cost of the mod kits are £37.00 (€52.00) for the short stem (whisper valve) and £39.00 (€55.00) for the main valve. The seat carrier is £15.00 (€21.00). Two long and two short kits plus four seat carriers are required per double burner. Prices are plus postage, VAT and a Form 1. In the case of the remote control burner valve £46.00 €65.00). We would estimate that it would normally take around two hours to carry out the work on a double burner. The work can be done while-you-wait by prior arrangement.

If you have a Lindstrand burner then it can still be inspected in the normal way and be signed off (provided it passes) without this inspection taking place or the mod kit being fitted however, as it is Highly Recommended, if your inspector is happy to inspect the burner along with the rest of the kit but not be prepared to carry out the valve inspection then it would be acceptable to release it to service and arrange for the inspection of the valves to be carried out elsewhere.

Service Bulletin 23 is on the Cameron Balloons Website and can be downloaded by going to

Cameron Balloons have issued a ‘Frequently asked Questions’ and some further information which are reproduced below.

Lindstrand Jetstream Burner: Service bulletin SB23.
Following the closure of Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Ltd. (LHABL), Cameron Balloons Limited has adopted all EASA certified hot air balloons designed by LHABL. As part of our responsibilities we are required to address a possible safety issue with the Lindstrand Jetstream burner.

The main and liquid fire valves of the Jetstream burner are designed so that the potential for wear exists between the valve stem and the seat carrier. If the seat carrier wears to the point of failure the valve stem can be ejected through the base of the manifold block causing an uncontained leak of liquid propane. This potential danger has already been removed in burners designed by Sky Balloons and Thunder and Colt.

Cameron Balloons has introduced Service Bulletin No. 23 to address this safety issue. We have categorised the Service Bulletin as “Highly Recommended”. It calls for a one-time inspection of the seat carriers in the burner. Its purpose is to determine the extent of wear occurring in normal use and to ensure that an unsafe condition does not exist. The inspection should be carried out at the next scheduled inspection of the burner (100 hr or annual). Accomplishment instructions and a confirmation slip to be returned to the factory are included with the Service Bulletin. The results of these inspections will determine whether any further action is required.
A modification kit can be purchased from Cameron Balloons which addresses the issue identified with the original design. Fitting the modified parts will remove the need for further action. Instructions for fitting these parts are included in the Service bulletin.
Note: the modification kits do not include replacement seat carriers, which should be ordered separately if required.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, but recommend that the accomplishment instructions prescribed in the published service bulletin are carried out as defined. Please remember to complete and return the confirmation slip as the results of your inspections are important.
For further advice and information please contact: +44 (0)117 963 7216 – Nick, Craig, Simon, Lindsay or Andy.

Lindstrand Jetstream Burner. Service Bulletin 23: Frequently Asked Questions:
Qu: Why do I need to do this?
Ans: We have seen cases of wear which, if not addressed, could cause the valve stem to be ejected allowing a jet of propane to come out of the bottom of the burner

Qu: I’ve had my burner for 15 years and nothing has gone wrong so far. Why do I need to spend this money now?
Ans: This is a safety check of an item affected by wear in normal use. As the burner fleet gets older the possibility of this being a problem becomes greater.

Qu: What happens if I choose to ignore it?
Ans: If you are a private owner and you manage your own airworthiness it is your decision and you will bear any risk of not following the recommendation. If you a commercial operator you will need to discuss it with your Maintenance Organisation or CAMO.

Qu: Why do I need to send an inspection report to Cameron Balloons.
Ans: So that we can understand the amount of wear occurring in all burners around the world and determine whether further action is necessary.

Qu: If this is a mistake in the original design, why do I have to pay for the replacement parts?
Ans: The organisation that designed the burner is no longer trading. Cameron Holdings bought the intellectual property, but do not have any liability for past actions

Qu: What does highly recommended mean?
Ans: Highly recommended is the highest category we can give the Service Bulletin. It means that we believe there is a safety concern which, if not rectified, could result in an unsafe condition.

Qu: Why isn’t the seal carrier included in the Modification Kit?
Ans: The seal carrier is not modified so is not included

Qu: Do I need to change the seal carrier?
Ans: The seal carrier should be changed if worn. It may make economic sense to change the seal carrier whilst the burner is disassembled.

Qu: I have a Lindstrand Airship what do I do?
Ans: Cameron Balloons do not hold the Type Certificate for the Lindstrand Airship. You should contact your CAMO (if applicable) or National Aviation Authority

Qu: What do I need to do if I contract my continued airworthiness management to a CAMO?
Ans: They will recommend a course of action to you.

Qu: I use my Lindstrand Burner with an Ultramagic Envelope, Am I affected?
Ans: Yes the service bulletin is applicable to the Jetstream burner regardless of the envelope it is flown under.