Balloon Repair Station

News update

HS2 and Hartley Farm – All but sorted

Good news and sad news. First the good news is that despite the best efforts of the Department of Transport, their solicitors and HS2 we are very pleased to say that contracts are finally being exchanged between the Browns (Jane’s cousins) and HS2 whilst we have finally managed to get a lease which gives us two more years. We all owe an enormous amount of gratitude to our local MP Mr David Lidington, his main man Kiernan Sinclair and an very nice chap from Savills Smith-Gore. Without their help we would all probably still be in limbo.

The sad news is that the sale of Hartley Farm marks the end of an era for the Brown family. With HS2 coming through it they had no real alternative but to sell the farm and move on. A huge opportunity lost. The farm was built by Sir Robert Barlow, owner of The Metal Box Company and married to Margaret Rawlings the actress for Jane’s uncle, John Brown, who passed away a few years ago. The farm was purchased by the Brown’s following the death of Margaret Rawlings in 1996. Fortunately there are lot of photographs and records going back to when it was built so we’ll try and get some sort of history written up as soon as the dust settles and the next lot starts when the diggers move in.

We will be off the air for a few days as the electrics, described as ‘very farm’ require some attention by our new landlord. This means that unless John can be persuaded to use the old treddle machine we are a bit flummoxed until it is turned on again. Hopefully this should take no more than a week. If you need to contact us please use the mobile 07973 510 518 (which I will endeavour to find, turn on and keep charged up), or email or