Balloon Repair Station

News update 06.10.15

Be amazed – Ultramagic BA.014 goes to Revision 19

Heads up everyone. Ultramagic have taken their TCDS (Type Certificate Sheet) to the heady Revision of number 19. This apparently happened on 1st September 2015 but has only recently been flagged which is a bit naughty. Now this may seem either not newsworthy or something that is meaningless to you but for inspectors and those in the know it is a nod to the official introduction and launch of the new Ultramagic Mark 32 burner which we hope is neither complicated or heavy. A quick scroll through shows it also concentrates on changes and updating on the Solo and Duo bottom ends, S130 baskets and of course the addition of the Mark 32 burner. Do you need to read it or check it out? Depends what else you were planning for the evening! Here you go, the link straight to the TCDS. Brilliant and exciting stuff I think you’ll agree, as Bob Harris would say.