Balloon Repair Station

News update 21.06.15 – Lindstrand

Lindstrand Balloons TCDS updates.
Four of the Lindstrand EASA TCDS issue numbers all nipped up by one Issue number on 18.06.15. A-type (BA021) goes from Issue 7 to 8, B-type (BA502) from Issue 3 to 4, C-type (BA503) from Issue 3 to 4 and Special Shapes (BA120) from Issue 3 to 4.

Cloudhoppers (BA501), L-type (BA504), S-type (BA505) and X-type (BA506) remain unchanged. There may be more changes to come once all the details and approvals move to Cameron Balloons. The Manuals and TCDS page has been updated.

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