Balloon Repair Station

News update 06.06.15

So here we go, just as we reported a few days ago, the run down to Cameron Balloons taking over the airworthiness stuff of Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Ltd (what is the company was called when Camerons took them over) is now coming out from Camerons. John Davies sent the following statement but try as we may, and I admit that I am not the most conversant when it comes to surfing webby things, cannot find any reference on the Cameron site to Lindstrand Balloons. Sorry, Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Limited. Anyway, which way down a dark alley, here is the communication from John and if it isn’t up in the next few days I’m sure we can find a way to link to LBL manuals and the like but may end up being sued over by CBL. What ho!

‘Cameron Balloons Limited is committed to providing Continued Airworthiness Support for all EASA certified Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Limited products.

Cameron Balloons has already assumed responsibility for providing technical support for the Lindstrand fleet and the official transfer of the EASA type Certificates will be completed within the next 10 days.

All relevant design and maintenance data is now available at Cameron Balloons.
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So there you have it. If you want to buy a balloon from Lindstrands or have any problems then contact Camerons and all will be Hunky Dory (no connection with David Bowie).