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News update 30.04.15 – Lindstrands fights back

Lindstrands fights back

Great news out that Lindstrand Balloons is not all deep departed but that the staff intend to ensure that Oswestry continues to a place where balloons are produced. A new company is well on the way to being formed with the help and backing of the original founder of Lindstrand Balloons Per Lindstrand under his existing company Lindstrand Technologies. It is hoped that a number of the former Lindstrand Balloon Limited staff will be employed in the new venture. Talks are already well-advanced with the CAA with regards to sorting out the Type Certification and approvals needed to start manufacture of a new generation of hot air balloons. This is obviously great news for both existing owners of Lindstrand Balloons as it means the people that original built them will now be in a position to help maintain them and some of the employees of the former company. We wish them every success.

In the meantime the report on the Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Ltd., Creditors Meeting of held on 23 April 2015 has been published by Graham Down of the Liquidators Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery Limited. Copies can be obtained from the Bristol-based company by calling 0117 914 2058 or emailing Graham Down on