Balloon Repair Station

News update 01.07.14

Confusion solution not – LBL Flight Manual goes to 1.45.

Hot off the press and courtesy of Dave Such as we all seemed to have missed it and Lindstrand’s auto update doesn’t seem to be working so presumably no one has had the news. Bit like the revisions then which are only currently posted on their website as revised pages. Of the revised pages it isn’t at all clear what has been revised however at first glance it seems positioning of straps on cylinders has been revised, internal inspection of rigging as part of the pre-flight checks and a couple of other pre-flight checks have been amended or added. Load charts are up but no real indication of changes as yet. It does seem to be a draft version dated 04/14 and if I recall it nearly made it on then but disappeared and became a vague dream. No doubt the situation will be dealt with post-ockta-proctor. We’ll be back when we know more! You know what? Its really puzzling. and scroll down to the ‘changed pages’ and download.